Halloween Costumes

owl halloween costume monarch halloween custume 1

It’s almost Halloween, and I thought I’d share what we’re dressing up as at our place this year. We’re so not into scary, horrible, yucky -we’re more on the sweet side of Halloween around here. Last year the magician and her magic white rabbit were so cute, but after pondering lots of cute costumes that went together, Paige really wanted to be an owl…and nothing really goes with that. Maddie decided on a monarch butterfly fairy -after many, many other options.

owl halloween costume 1

The owl costume was inspired by this one. We already had a cute owl hat, so we used it as the base for the costume. I found this plain old-school sweatshirt at Dollarama for $3, and it was the perfect colour. We found scraps of turquoise and purple fabric, to match the hat, and cut our feathers. I didn’t worry about the raw edges, if they fray too much we’ll say it adds to the feather quality. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I sewed them on in layers from the bottom, up to the top.

owl halloween costume 2

We also added some to the bottom of her sleeves to make it more wing like. Paige and I both really loved how it turned out. It wasn’t too difficult, just some very basic sewing, and it certainly turned out to be very cute. And for 3 bucks the price was right too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

monarch butterfly halloween costume 1

Maddie decided on being a monarch butterfly fairy. Paige had been a monarch butterfly many, many years ago, and we still had the pretty wings. There was a dress too, but it was too short. We found the little tutu at the dollar store, but the waistband snapped the first time she put it on. We threaded through a hole the pretty orange ribbon and it looked even cuter this way.

monarch butterfly halloween costume 3

She’s wearing a simple black turtle neck and leggings (to be replaced with something warmer like a snow suit after the school party for the real trick-or-treating). We added some simple antenna on a hair band. She wanted to be a fairy, not just a butterfly, so we made a fun wand for her. It was a simple plastic silver wand we found in the dress up box, decorated with pipe cleaners, ribbons, and some feather butterflies all in orange and black to match her wings.

monarch butterfly halloween costume 2

She was very happy with the costume in the end, and I was happy we could take a few things from around house and the dollar store and make something so cute.

owl halloween costume monarch halloween custume 2

We’re all set for Thursday…well I still have to buy the candy. I can’t buy it too early, or else you know what bad thing will happen. Hoping you’re getting close to ready too. With two little cuties like this all dressed-up and ready for a night of fun, life really is a party!

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