Merry Christmas

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Hi everyone, it’s Roland, Dannyelle’s husband, writing today’s post as it involves one of my favourite things – a look at some computer hardware.

First of all, sorry about our site being unavailable for the last couple of days. We had a crazy ice storm here in the Toronto area and were without power for about 2 days. We are blessed that we have a couple of gas fireplaces and were able to keep warm but had to shutdown the site once the UPS ran out of power. Thanks to all of our family and friends who were so helpful and to all the Hydro workers who are still working hard to restore power to everyone in the Greater Toronto Area for Christmas.

We’ve put together a Christmas greeting for you and yours from our entire family – we hope that you enjoy it.

We had the opportunity to review a Google Nexus 7 tablet thanks to our friends from Staples Canada and decided to use the tablet to film our Christmas greeting. I was surprised by the quality of the video that we were able to capture -not reflected here because optimized it to load quickly on the Internet.

We’ve had the tablet for a few weeks now and everyone in the house has been delighted with it. I was pleasantly surprised with how the Nexus stacks up against the much more expensive competitors tablet.

The screen and colours are quite sharp on the Nexus and I wasn’t really able to appreciate a great deal of difference between it and the retina display on our other tablet. The girls loved having their own tablet which they could use to watch Netflix or our movies that we’ve captured to another computer in the house. They were quite happy that the Nexus was able to play most of the weird formats that daddy seems to capture stuff in and so they didn’t become frustrated that they couldn’t play some of their movies.

We found the Nexus quite handy while we were doing our Christmas baking. It was great to be able to reference past cookie recipes from the blog without needing to print them out. We found the machine great to just prop up on the kitchen counter and follow the recipes while we were getting things together.

As always with these types of electronics, I like to find a good case so we don’t have to worry about what will happen if someone accidentally drops the machine. There again, Staples was great as I was able to find a cover which provides some good protection for the Nexus in the clearance section for the great price of $12 – sweet!

nexus review 1

Lastly, the girls were quite happy that we could find all of their favourite games at Google Play .

All in all, the Nexus is a great little machine which is well priced and provides most of the same capabilities that are available from higher priced competitors.

I don’t think that I’m going to be invited back so hope you enjoyed and found this, my first and probably last post, helpful. With a great little tablet under your Christmas tree, life really is a party.

Dannyelle -We had our power restored late last night and Mr. Life is a Party worked late into the night prepping the video, since we’ve been working on it for awhile but it wasn’t quite done yet -I’m pretty sure he’ll get invited back. 😉 Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, every blessing for 2014 and a heart that’s able to see that life really is what we make it, so although it isn’t perfect, we may as well make it a party!

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