Mustache Cookies

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I thought it would be fun to make some mustache cookies for Alexander’s Mustache Bash, that I shared with you here, and wanted to show you how I made them. They’d be cute for pretty much any occasion, and let me tell you, they went fast at the party. πŸ˜‰

mustache cookies 6

I started out by making my regular sugar cookies, you could use what ever recipe you usually use. Roll out the dough to be fairly thick, it gives the cookies a little more stability on the lollipop stick. I used the Crustache cutter, which is really for cutting the crust off of sandwiches. It worked great as a cookie cutter too, and made cutting the cookies really quick, since it’s three cut-outs in one.


After I cut out the dough, I set a lollipop stick under the middle, placing it as high up as possible on the cookie, and pressing it into the dough slightly. I was a little worried that the baked cookies would be very breakable. I iced them really carefully. I did have a few break during transport to the party, but for the most part they worked out fine.

mustache cookies 7

Now for the really fun part, icing the cookies. I made a really simple chocolate icing. For some I iced the cookies with a knife, and then decorated them with chocolate sprinkles.

mustache cookies 3

I really love how whisker-y they looked. And, as a general rule, all kids LOVE sprinkles, so they’re always a hit with the littles at a party.

mustache cookies 8

My second idea was to use the grass icing tip -Wilton tip #233 (that I bought to make the Oscar the grouch cupcakes way back here) to make long icing whiskers.

mustache cookies 4

There was a little learning curve here. I stared out trying to make short whiskers, but it didn’t look so good. Here’s the method that worked best for me: starting on one side, do the outside set of whiskers, starting about 1/3 of the way from the bottom and dragging the icing to the end.

mustache cookies 1

Over lap with a second row, about 2/3 from the bottom, and a final row from the centre. Do the same thing on the other side.

mustache cookies 2

I love how they turned out. They were delicious and so cute.

mustache cookies 9

And, who doesn’t look cute with a mustache?

mustache cookies 5

With cookies this good, that double as a disguise if needed, life really is a party!

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