Ornament Making Party -Part II “Making the Ornaments”

ornament making party 1

I had a great time getting together with some girl friends on the weekend. Our “girls night in” was a great time of chatting, eating, drinking and crafting. I set up the dining room table with all kinds of great craft supplies and invited my friends to each bring some clear glass, or plastic ornaments that we could fill together, for an ornament making party.

ornament making party 2

ornament making party 4

I used my milk glass collection to house all the little craft supplies for the evening. This worked great to keep everything organized and still make it look pretty. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The milk glass worked great with our vintage Christmas theme too.

ornament making party 3

ornament making party 5

I had a few ideas of what the fillers could be, and even checked in with my peeps to hear what some of their Christmas colour schemes were this year, so we could have some options that would work for everyone. After the party I took a few pics of some of my favs to share with you.

ornament making party 9

If you’re thinking of setting up an evening like this, here’s a few ideas of what you might want to include. One friend was working on a woodland, and nature theme, so I found some simple birch bark, tiny cedar pinecones, and white feathers. Everyone liked the idea of snow globes, so I put out some faux snow and a few fun options for fillers. There were twigs to decorate, little mini white Christmas trees, and few deer too.

ornament making party 12

My sister picked up some plastic balls that split in half to fill. These worked the best for the snow globes and allowed her to make some snow globes with some little toy animals. They turned out so cute. Another friend is planning to pick some up and put some lego men in for her little boys this year -such a great idea.

ornament making party 8

I also had some letter beads. Some people used them to spell out some ones name. I glued the letters together to write the word “snow” and added some faux snow. So cute and so simple.

ornament making party 11

I had also picked up some rhinestone buckles, and a little black velvet ribbon. We used these to make a cute Santa ornament, with some simple red tinsel inside.

ornament making party 10

We also used lots of glitter, sequins, beads, paint, music sheets, and ribbons. The possibilities are really endless.

ornament making party 1

You can see from the smiles on the faces of my friends that we had a great time together -eating, drinking, crafting, laughing, and connecting. With a night like this, life really is a party!

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    Awsome Idea and looks like your party was a hit ๐Ÿ™‚ ?

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