Pop Tarts

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A couple of weeks ago, when I visited my little sister for a few days, I asked her if she wanted to give homemade pop tarts a try. She was all over it. Pop tarts were a treat when we were kids, not your standard toast or cereal option, more like once in a blue moon. On one of our project days she whipped up the dough, and I made the filling.

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I used this recipe from Smitten Kitchen -head over there for the recipe if you’d like to give them a try. The pastry was really delicious, light and flaky and yummy. I used the jam filling, and made a mini version of pop tarts. We didn’t have any food colouring to make the pink icing I remember or any coloured sugar, which would have helped with the authentic look. I just made a simple glaze of icing sugar and a little milk, and drizzled it over them.

poptarts 4

Let’s call these attempt number one, and hopefully there is an attempt number two coming soon -with pink icing and coloured sugar. 😉

poptarts 5

Next time I would be sure to spread the filling out more. It doesn’t really melt and flatten out as it bakes, like I thought it would. Thickening it with cornstarch really makes it stay where you put it, but the tasters vouched that that kind of thick filling inside did make them taste like the real thing.

poptarts 3

I was really pleased with the mini size, would definitely do the mini size again, and I also liked the rustic look. These were really delicious, and they went fast, I’d make a few changes next time, but over all they were great.

poptarts 2

With homemade pop tarts to share with your little sis, life really is a party!

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