Rainbow Art Party -Part II “The Activities”

rainbow party 1

I’m excited to share some more details of our Rainbow Art Party. The birthday girl chose the entire theme because she loves art, so we decided to set up seven different simple art activity stations for our little guests to enjoy. We started out with giving everyone a paint smock to protect their party clothes.

rainbow party 2

The first centre was Rainbow Play Dough. My daughter Paige made the sweetest little signs for each station. We used simple IKEA frames, and she drew pictures to go with each activity. I found this great “One Metre of Play Dough” and the kids (and some of the grown-ups too) loved it.

art party 4

The second centre was Spiral Art. I remembered doing spiral when I was a little girl. I picked up two kits at the dollar store for this station and all the pretty gel pens we could find.

art party 3

The third Centre was Watercolour Painting. My girls really enjoyed this station. I picked up some watercolour paper, we added a few pencils for sketching and the paints.


art party 2

The fourth centre was Marble and Tire Track Painting. I picked up a few shallow boxes at the grocery store, and we put some paint on a plate for our artists to roll their tires and marbles in. Then, they used the box to rotate the cars and/or marbles to make some great prints.

art party 5

marble painting art

The fifth centre was Bubble Art. To create pretty bubble printed paper, we made a mixture of paint, water, and dish soap. Then you create bubbles by blowing into the mixture with a straw, and then placing the paper on top to create the print. (A tip if you have very young artists, is to put a few pin pricks in the top half of the straws so that they can’t accidentally suck it in by mistake.)

bubble art

The sixth centre was Acrylic Painting with a Canvas and Easel. For this station we set up acrylic paints in the colours of the rainbow, with palettes for mixing, and sweet little canvas’ with mini easels from the dollar store.

art party

The seventh and final centre was Water Gun Painting. We filled water guns with very watered down paint. Before the party, I used painters tape to mark each canvas with the guests initial, after the paint was squirted on and it dried the tape was removed to reveal the initial.

water gun art

I set up a little art gallery for the paintings to dry and be viewed at. I made the banner from paint chips and a stencil -love how it turned out.

art gallery

To attach the art to the wire fence, I found some pretty rainbow striped washi tape, and added it to simple wooden clothes pins. It worked out great -after the rain stopped. ๐Ÿ˜‰

rainbow party 7

We also set up loot bags for our guests, so that throughout the party any art that didn’t need to dry could be tucked inside, along with their paint smocks once the painting was done. We also included a fun watercolour paint palette for some more creating at home.

rainbow party 8

I found pretty paper bags in every colour we needed. Then, we made thank you tags with more paint chips, and attached them to the bags with the rainbow washi tape.

rainbow party 9

Everyone had so much fun. I loved how everyone could choose which centre to visit, and go back as many times as they wanted. The kids had a great time creating, and the birthday girl said it was the best party ever -but she does say that every year. ๐Ÿ˜‰ With art for everyone, life really is a party!

In case you missed it, find all the details to the amazing Rainbow Art Party Decorations here, and The Rainbow Art Party Food here.

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  1. WOW! What great activities you set up for your guests! Love that there were some boy-friendly ones {marble and track painting/water gun}. I’m definitely using these for our next few parties….all of my kids are within a month of each other so I may just have one BIG party with these stations set up. So nice that the girls helped you with set up too!
    P.S. Great straw idea for those lil’ sippers…lol!

  2. Great party. My friends from Brazil and the Philippines have also liked your site.

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