Signs of Spring -A Spring Urn

spring urn 3

It’s been a long winter, and I’m not just talking about the weather. I’ve been struggling a little myself. The transition from stay-at-home full time mom -or lack of transition, has been a hard one. I always planned on working after my girls were school aged, but this whole teacher surplus has put a little kink in my plan, and I’m slowly resigning myself to the fact that it’s going to take a long time, a lot of volunteering, and a little luck, before I’m gainfully employed. In the meantime that’s meant a lot of soul searching around what my identity is, and where I get my own sense of who I am and what makes me valuable. Over sharing? Well let’s just say, I can’t wait for spring…outside and in my own heart, and I think it just might be coming as I embrace this in between stage and make my peace with it, and as I noticed the pussy willows were out.

spring urn 1

I love pussy willows. They always remind me of a spring day years ago when I was a little girl and playing at a friends house. We discovered a pussy willow tree, and picked some. It was like finding a treasure, and I still feel that way when I find them now. They like to grow in wet, kind of swampy places, and there’s a just a little window, when the days are finally warm enough to coax out they’re sweet, soft, kitten paw like selves, and then before you know it they’re gone and replaced with fresh, green leaves. So, if you have any bushes near by, now is the time to pick them.

spring urn 4

I used one of my favourite bright green urns to up the spring vibe factor, and picked up some white pansies. We planted the pansies in the middle, and choose our longest pussy willows to go around the outside. Then, we just gathered them up to make a little bird cage-ish structure, and tied the top with raffia. I tucked in a little next with a few eggs.

spring urn 2

I’m loving it. And even though it’s still a bit chilly around here, every time I see it, I smile. Spring is coming.

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