Stocking Stuffers For $25

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budget stocking stuffers #shop #cbias

It’s getting down to the wire now, but I still have a few last minute things to pick up for Christmas. Stocking stuffers are usually on my last minute list. They’re so fun to give and receive, but they can really add up, so when I was challenged to put together a great stocking for my husband for just $25, I thought it might be something that could give you a few good ideas too.

budget stocking stuffers #shop #cbias

I love stockings. We always open them first on Christmas morning. It’s not too hard to think of things for my little girls -candy, art supplies, little toys, hair accessories, nail polish, jewellery, bubble bath…and the list could go on. It’s a little harder when I come to the man on my list. So here are some of my ideas for this year and a break down of my $25 budget.

I headed to Walmart to do all my stocking shopping. I love it when you can get everything you need in one place, at a great price. I started out with treats. This is probably the easiest thing to fill a stocking with. My husband is from Guyana, so I love that Walmart has international grocery sections in their stores -so I don’t have to do a lot of running around to speciality stores, especially at Christmas when there’s so much to do.

budget stocking stuffers #shop #cbias

I headed to the Caribbean section for a few of his favourite treats from growing up -plantain chips, and coconut water ($2 and $1). Everyone loves the tastes of their childhood, which for my sweetie includes British chocolate. I was happy to find a great selection of Dairy Milk bars, and another of his very favourites Caramel Bars ($2 and $2 for the big pack of Caramel). Walmart really has a huge selection of chocolates I’m sure you could find the favourite of anyone on your list…or if you yourself we’re feeling a little peckish from all the shopping… 😉

budget stocking stuffers #shop #cbias

Along with these treats, I picked up some mixed nuts($3), because nuts are a real Christmas treat around here. The other thing that every Christmas stocking needs is an orange in the toe ($1). 😉

I probably could have easily spent my whole $25 on food treats -but I stopped at about $10.50 I wanted to add some other fun things too. I came up with some nice shaving cream for my sweetie($6 -but it’s the nice stuff). I could have chosen other personal items like a new toothbrush, a nice deodorant, chap stick, or aftershave -any of these are a nice personal touch.

budget stocking stuffers #shop #cbias

I also picked up a package of sharpies($2) -who wouldn’t love a couple of nice, new, ultra fine sharpies? I might be slightly biased as a crafter, but a non-dried up sharpie is kind of a great gift -are you with me? I mechanical pencil is always a nice little gift too. And here’s another simple idea, how about a car air freshener (3.50). I went with the apple cinnamon scent, since it’s one of his favs.

budget stocking stuffers #shop #cbias


I also picked up a nice, little frame. Three bucks is a great deal. I snapped a cute pic of the girls, and just printed it on my computer and put it in the new frame. The frame came with a nice white mat, and I thought it would be cute to have the girls sign it and date it. I’m imagining this one on Daddy’s desk at the office, but it would also be really sweet with a picture of your kids in Santa hats, and a little “Merry Christmas Daddy” written on the mat. Bring it out each year as a little decoration and see how they’ve grown over the years and their sweet little kid hand writing.

budget stocking stuffers #shop #cbias

Last, but certainly not least is a something a little naughty. I went with a little note with a promise for something special later. 😉 This is a great option for something that’s discrete enough to be opened with family on Christmas morning. A few other little naughty ideas from Walmart….a little lubricant, some sexy undies for him or her, or how about just a Santa hat. These would all be budget friendly too, but your sweetheart might not want to open them in front of the in-laws. 😉

budget stocking stuffers #shop #cbias

I tend to get a little carried away -I know you never noticed. 😉 And I have to say it was a challenge to keep to the $25 budget, and I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be enough, but it filled up my hubbies large stocking to the top and I’m sure he’ll love all the personal little treats. With finishing my Christmas shopping on budget, life really is a party!

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  1. great ideas with the stocking-I looooove a good mechanical pencil. we always put lottery scratch offs in, too.

  2. great ideas! 😀 i never thought about putting in scratch and win tickets!! will have to pick some up!

  3. I actually went to Walmart yesterday to pick up stuff for his stocking! I’ve never tried coconut water. What does it taste like? I didn’t know that Aveeno made shaving gel!! So need to check that out! LOVE the photo of your girls!!

  4. Hi Christine,
    Glad to give you a few ideas. I don’t actually dig coconut too much myself, but the water is the water from inside a coconut, with some of the coconut bits in it. My hubby and his family love it. It’s nothing like coconut milk. I’m hoping he likes the Aveeno gel, it’s a first try here too, but their products are so nice I’m sure this will be too. Merry Christmas.

  5. Wow, all that for $25? I would be more than happy to get a pack of Sharpies in my stocking! I am never without at least 2 in my purse at a time!

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