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Friday afternoon, my sweet husband and I went on a double date with some friends to The Delicious Food Show. We don’t go on many dates anymore, so it was a bit of a “you had me at hello” kind of a situation, but I thought you might like see the highs and lows according to me.

When we arrived our peeps were just catching the end of Chuck -from the little I saw he was great. They bought the cookbook and lined up for the signing and then let me jump in for the photo op at the end -thanks Anne and Chris! Chuck was lovely, funny, personable -everything you think he is on tv.

food show 8

Next we grabbed some lunch. We bought tickets for the food trucks -and I have to say that the ones my friends and I tried were a $10 disappointment. Instead of the food truck, my husband had the Loblaws lamb pizza with salad and the complementary bottle of vinegar to take home all for 5 bucks. I don’t like lamb, but he seriously liked it enough for the two of us and it was certainly the best value of the whole show. After the bad $10 food truck sandwiches I was feeling for those who had paid the $20 entrance fee to get in, which really only bought you the opportunity to shop. The other thing that it did include, of course, were the big name celebrity chefs on the main stage. We missed most of Martha. It was really crowded and we were in the middle of our late lunch. I did head over to snap a quick pic, but then we returned to eating.

food show 9

I had mixed feelings about her blogger comments last week, especially since she’s not a trained chef herself. After the lacklustre start to the show, we decided a little drinking might turn things around…and it did! The $1 drink sample tickets worked great for us, and had us wishing their were similar food tickets for sampling the food. After visiting lots of booths, and a few more different foods, we started on desserts. While we were getting an ice cream made right before our eyes with dry ice, a huge crowd appeared. Before we really knew what was happening we realized it was Martha, making her way from the stage and stopping at a few booths on her way out. I was able to snap a few pics, and I have to say being that close to her, hearing her familiar voice a few feet away, and seeing her close up -all was forgiven! My old Martha love returned, and I decided that she must have been referring to other bloggers and we could still totally be friends. 😉

food show 7

During our dessert wonderings we came across Petite Sweets, and I recognized Elle from their show Sugar Stars. My girls and I really loved the show and we were sorry that it didn’t come back for a second season. Elle was lovely, and their booth was beautiful!

food show 4

food show 3

Our fav. ice cream of the show was the Buttered Scotch Whiskey with Salted Caramel and Smoked Almonds from Belly Ice Cream Company. So, so good.

food show 6

My other favourite sweets from the show were the macaroons from Le Dolci . We shared a vanilla, strawberry and caramel. They were all really, really good.

food show 2

With some of our dessert in hand, we sat down next to take in Mark McEwan -of Top Chef Canada fame, for his cooking demo. I really enjoyed it. I went up before the show for a quick hello, and mentioned that my husband had proposed to me at his restaurant North 44. At one point during his demo he talked about his connection and history in Toronto, and then said “a young lady” had mentioned her engagement at one of his restaurants earlier. Can I just say I haven’t been called a young lady in some time -I already liked him a lot, but that certainly cemented it. His food looked great, he was funny, and shared some great stories and info. For sure a show highlight.

food show 1

On our way out I decided to pick up a cupcake for the train ride home. I wanted a plain old vanilla, it was harder to come by than you might think -there were fancy flavour combos everywhere! Pretty Sweet didn’t have a plain vanilla cupcake either, but they did have some un-iced vanilla cakes and some vanilla icing and offered to make a vanilla cupcake just for me! So sweet, and such a delicious way to end the day on the way home.

food show 5

With a fun, foodie day out with my sweetie and friends, life really is a party!

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