The Ornament Party -Part III “The Drinks”

christmas party food 1

Every fun party needs some fun drinks, so when some of my girl friends and I got together for a fun ornament making party, I set up a great drinks station that I thought you might like to see. I set up the drinks in the kitchen, on my kitchen table. Not the greatest for photos on the blog, but really practical in real life, since you can set up so guests can serve them selves from each side, depending on what they’re having. I started out by placing a pretty wooden sleigh on the table. I thought it would be a fun Christmas-y piece to use, a bit different, and since it’s nice and flat, it worked great as an elevated serving piece -different heights always add interest to a buffet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

christmas party food 18

On the sleigh, I set up several cloches as a centre piece, and the gumball machine snow globe that I made here.

christmas party food 9

I wanted to offer a few cold drinks. I made a simple punch of cranberry-raspberry juice and ginger ale, and set-up some champagne glasses with pretty stripped paper straws and straw labels. All the pretty paper labels, drink tags, table confetti, and straws were from Minted’s Elegant Joy Collection -love them.

christmas party food 25

christmas party food 21

I also offered some wine, and water to guests.

christmas party food 20

The star of the show was the hot chocolate bar. I made homemade hot chocolate, using this crock pot recipe. It was very chocolaty, maybe even a little too chocolaty for me -although admittedly I’m not the biggest chocolate fan, and you could certainly just increase the milk.

christmas party food 26

Since my crock pot was busy making pulled pork -more details on the food to come, I made the hot chocolate on the stove, and when it was ready put it into a large thermos for serving. This worked great, since it stayed really hot, and I didn’t have to even think about it all night. Along with the hot chocolate, I put out some Irish Cream, and some Kahlua -in case any of my guests wanted to make their hot chocolate a bit special. ๐Ÿ˜‰ There was also some caramels that could be added in, and some whipped cream. Yum.

christmas party food 22

I also offered some cinnamon sticks for stirring, or for those who can’t get enough chocolate -chocolate spoons! I picked them up at the dollar store, each package had a few milk and a few dark chocolate spoons. These were a big hit. I also put out some candy canes for stirring, in a pretty mason jar.

christmas party food 15

The highlight of the hot chocolate bar was the homemade marshmallows. I made three kinds -vanilla, chocolate, and Baileys. I have to say they were so yummy. I used Alton Brown’s recipe –find it here, and added in chocolate and Baileys to create the flavoured ones -more details coming soon.

christmas party food 16

christmas party food 17

I wanted to share the food from the party with you today too, but there were just too many pics, and details to fit here, so it’s coming up in the next post.

christmas party food 19

I hope you have a lovely weekend. I’m celebrating my birthday tomorrow, and looking forward to a fun weekend of relaxing with my girls and sweet husband, and maybe a little Christmas shopping, decorating and the first Christmas movie of the season. Here’s to making everyday a party. With homemade marshmallows in your hot chocolate, life really is a party!

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