Vanilla Sugar

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As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing plain about vanilla. Love it. We’ve got two teams at my house; vanilla and chocolate. I’m a vanilla girl, chocolate just doesn’t really do it for me. I’m the captain of the vanilla team. I asked Santa for some vanilla beans for Christmas, and they came in my stocking. (I think he shops at Costco.) I’ve made some pretty amazing vanilla whipped cream a couple times since then, and finally got around to making some vanilla sugar. It’s really easy, and really delicious.

vanilla sugar 1

Start out with a sealable container,

a vanilla bean,

and some sugar.

vanilla sugar 2

Cut your vanilla bean in half and use a knife to scrape out all the little seeds inside.

vanilla sugar 3

Put the sugar, the vanilla seeds, and the scraped beans into a sealable container(you can save the scraped out beans from other recipes too and throw them in). Use your fingers to break up the clumps of seeds and mix them with the sugar. Enjoy the smell. 😉 Then, seal it up and let it sit a couple of weeks…if you can wait.

vanilla sugar 4

Use it anywhere you’d use regular sugar, but think a little vanilla would help. I made a cafe au lait to try it in. Loved it.

vanilla sugar 5

With home made vanilla sugar, life really is party.

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