Christie Antique Show Spring 2014

This was the weekend for the Spring Christie Antique Show, so Saturday morning I took the car seats out of the car, and made room for my potential purchases and headed toward Hamilton with a good friend, my Timmies, and a pocket full of cash.

christie show 2014 3

It was a beautiful day, the first really hot day of the year so far. There was the tiniest sprinkle of rain, but other than that it was sun shine. In fact…I should have put on my sun screen. First official burn of the summer, but it’s all in a days work.

christie show 2014 5

christie show 2014 6

As always, there was tons to see and be inspired by. I was tempted, so very tempted by too many things.

christie show 2014 7

Oh how I love some vintage dishes, especially in pink, green or milk glass.

christie show 2014 11

And you know how I feel about vintage Christmas decorations…although the prices helped me to control myself.

christie show 2014 13

Of course in the spring anything to do with the garden gets my attention too.

christie show 2014 2

All that looking around made us hungry, so we headed to the chip truck. Fresh cut fries with gravy, sunshine, and a field full of antiques -does it get any better than that? After lunch it was time to start making a few purchases.

christie show 2014 12

My friend Carolyn was looking for an old fan, and there were lots.

christie show 2014 10

I loved these old locker baskets.

christie show 2014 9

And this “odds and ends Boutique” sign made me giggle.

christie show 2014 8

Won’t these Ladies and Gentlemen washroom signs be fun in a house.

christie show 2014 4

I love this little cart. Why didn’t I buy a little cart? I looked at them all day. We saw maybe 5 of them. My favourite was a little black and white enamel one, and they were asking $65, might have got it for $55, $50 if I was lucky…my one regret of the day. What really sealed the deal was coming home and seeing my new end table from Costco that my husband just put together to go with our new Muskoka Chairs for the back deck. It was $100 and I liked it less then the cool old carts. I think I’m returning it and hunting for a cart at the next sale in Sept.

christie show 2014 14

christie show 2014 1

Here’s what we did come home with. My friend bought an awesome old fan, a scale, and really neat old stethoscope. I picked up some enamel ware -a teacup, coffee mug and refrigerator container with a lid. I’m sure you’ll be seeing it in some upcoming food posts. I also picked up a couple pieces of luggage. I found them right after lunch and carried them for the rest of the afternoon. I felt liked I’d over packed for the trip. 😉 I had a great day at the show, love the thrill of the hunt, and love the treasures I came home with. With a great antique show near by, life really is a party!

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  1. I wish I knew this was happening this weekend! My parents have the yearly pass to Christie’s but I didn’t know this was going on or I would have been there!!!

  2. Hi Meredith,
    Make sure to mark your calendar for the Sept. show.

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