Craft Room/Office Makeover Birthday Surprise

Craftroom makeover 1 1

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you might have seen that I am on the verge of a major birthday.  Last weekend, to celebrate early, my best friend and I went away for  a shopping weekend.  We left Friday night, and had a great time antiquing, cross border shopping, and eating at a couple of my fav. restaurants -all without our sweet, lovely kids to worry about.  It was some much appreciated me time, and I had a wonderful weekend.  We returned home on Sunday night, and I got a big surprise!  It wasn’t a surprise party, it was something much better, in fact probably the best, most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received.

Craftroom makeover 3

While we were away, my sweet husband and girls, along with the help of my sister, brother in-law, and niece were making over my husband’s study as a new office/craft room for me.  It was a complete surprise.  Over the last little while I’ve been dreaming of my own little space.  I wanted somewhere to read and pray, and work, and craft.  Somewhere that I didn’t have to tidy up if I was in the middle of a project -like the kitchen table, somewhere quiet, and somewhere I could hang my art, and some really personal things.  I thought about the basement, but wanted somewhere above ground because I’m home in the day and want some natural light.  I also thought about an attic conversion, but it seems we have the wrong kind of roof rafters for that and changing them would have been a major expense.  I dreamt about a bright white room, with a white comfy chair and a pink pillow in it.  I even described it to my sister one day when we were talking.  I have other lovely spaces in the house to work, so it really wasn’t a huge deal, it was a just a sweet dream of mine, and I resigned myself to waiting to someday when we were empty nesters to get my little office space.

Craftroom makeover 2

My husband was listening to my heart, and decided that he’d like me to have his office space.  My sweet sister couldn’t wait to help out.  They started planning weeks and weeks ago, unbeknownst to me.  They even had a secret pinterest board -does it get any cuter?  My sweet girls couldn’t wait to surprise Mommy.  My super brother-in-law devoted his weekend to helping move furniture, install the lighting, and painting.  My niece even took the 3 hour bus ride from University for the weekend to help keep the girls entertained.  I was completely surprised.  While I was away, they moved everything out, painted the room twice, since they weren’t sure about their first colour.  They painted an existing wood bookcase white, they hung new curtains and installed a new light.  They bought new furniture, and then decorated the room.  All in two and half days!

Gallery wall 1

Craftroom makeover 4

When I got home Sunday night, after my weekend away, I saw the shoes at the door and waited for them to yell surprise, instead they came and hugged me, gave me a glass of champagne and lead me upstairs for my surprise.  I was shocked.  Let’s just say there were lots of happy tears.  I felt so, so loved.

Craftroom makeover 1

And, since they were doing it all for a blogger, they even took a few before pictures -does it get any better?

Craftroom makeover 6

My sister styled it for Christmas, and included lots of my vintage pieces, and things I use to style posts for the blog that usually live in my basement storage room.  She organized all my craft materials, and included them in the room so I could do projects in it.  She also went through my baby book with our Mom the week before and pulled out some of my childhood keepsakes and included them around the room and in the gallery wall.

Gallery wall 2

I love my new room, and just thinking about it makes me tear up.  It makes me feel so, so loved.  It’s the best gift ever, and I feel so thankful for a family that sacrificially gives -my sweet husband is all moved into a corner of the family room in the basement now.

Vintage ceramic deer

They have truly made my fortieth birthday a celebration I will never forget!  With loving, generous family and friends, life really, REALLY, is a party!

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  1. So so beautiful. What an incredible gift from your family.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful and thoughtful gesture 🙂 Your family have done such a wonderful job recreating your dream, your room looks fabulous. Wishing you an amazing birthday too sweetie, hope your day is even more magical. Hugs xnx

  3. Such a wonderful show of love to you from your family. So beautiful. You are going to really enjoy this space and every time you do you will be reminded of how much you are loved.

  4. It looks so so so great ! 🙂

  5. how sweet! i love the light colors.enjoy your new space!

  6. Unbelievable! Wow!!! Your husband is “Da Man!” I can’t believe how sneaky they were, and how they kept it from you, they rock. But then, your an amazing mother, sister, wife and friend that how could they not. You deserve it 🙂
    Now after all the wow settles you can add your own personal touches to this amazing space.

  7. Awe, thanks Lorena. 😉

  8. OH my goodness what a sweet wonderful fantastic birthday gift. I got tears in my eyes just reading about all they did to plan and execute the room makeover … and what a room it is to. I love the white, light decor and can only imagine the fun you will have crafting and creating in there.

  9. Thanks Grace, it was sure a tear jerker for me too. 😉

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