Easy Asian Chicken Salad

easy asian chicken salad 3

It’s January and we’re all trying to eat a little healthier. Here’s one of my fav. salads. It’s simple, uses grocery store ingredients, and it’s really, really yummy -my kids even like it.

easy asian chicken salad 1

For the salad, I used a combination of baby spinach and iceberg lettuce for the base, and then added some bean sprouts. On top of that add some sliced mushrooms, slices of red onion, and slices of red pepper. I also often add some snow peas too, but I didn’t this time. Then throw on top some canned mandarin oranges -my kids absolutely love these.

easy asian chicken salad 6

Next comes the chicken. I usually use frozen skinless, boneless chicken breasts that I always keep on hand in the freezer. Just defrost them, and cut them into bite size pieces. Cook them in a little oil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. When they’re cooked through, stir in some teriyaki sauce, and let cook another min. That’s it -pretty easy. Place on top of the salad, and you’re ready to serve. I like to use Asian Sesame dressing with this salad. Sometimes I make dressing and sauces from scratch, but this is a super easy week night meal, where I just use bottled teriyaki sauce and salad dressing -don’t tell the blogging police. 😉 thought you might like to see an real easy recipe, cause let’s face it, eating salad is hard enough.

easy asian chicken salad 2

With a recipe this quick, easy and delicious in your repertoire, life really is party!

easy asian chicken salad 4

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