Mixed Metals Christmas Front Porch

Mixed metal Christmas decor 1 1

This year I’m going with a mixed metals theme for my Christmas decor, so lots of gold, silver, and copper.  I wanted to use this theme outside too, and do something a little different from the traditional urn with greens, birch, etc.

Christmas front door grape vine garland

The first thing we did was do the grapevine around the door.  I wanted to do copper colour around the door so my sister and I found some grapevine up north, and I also got some hawthorn, since it’s very spiky.  I spray painted some of the grapevine with copper spray paint, and left some of it natural.  My sister really did all the installation for me, she’s a florist and makes it look so easy.  But, she assures me it actually is easy to do.  She started out my sticking about five 3M hooks around the door.  They work great, since the large ones can hold a lot of weight, and leave no holes or residue behind when you remove them.  She layered on the grapevine, and used wire to attach it to the hooks.  She added each vine, one at a time, and slowly built it up.  We saved the copper grapevine for the top.  After the grapevine, we added in the spiky hawthorn branches, that we also spray painted copper.

Christmas front door grape vine garland 1

I wanted to use the same copper grapevine and hawthorn branches to make a kind of spiky nest for the Christmas tree in my urn.  We used wire to secure the grapevine, and pushed the branches into the dirt in the urn.

Mixed metal Christmas decor 4

We decorated the mini tree with lights and shatterproof ornaments secured to the tree with wire.  I love my little tree.

Mixed metal Christmas decor 6

For the wreath, I picked up an inexpensive one at the grocery store.  My sister twisted some more grapevine around the wreath, to give it some dimension.  We added more of our mixed metal ornaments.

Silver gold and copper christmas wreath

We also added some ornaments to an old lantern and used a few more trees beside the door.

Mixed metal Christmas decor 3

Repeating the different elements in a few places helps to bring the whole look together.

Mixed metal Christmas decor 5

I love how it turned out, and I can’t wait to show you more inside later this week.

Mixed metal Christmas decor 2

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  1. Julia mander says:

    Beautiful Dannyelle. I am looking forward to seeing the inside. Inspired by your woodland theme my theme this year is going to be woodland and silver. I picked up some of the North American animals for my forest when I visited New york in April.it wont be as good as yours but I will do my best, Love from England x

  2. Julia, I’m sure it will be fabulous! I’d love to see a picture…you can always post one to my Facebook page. 😉

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