My Sweetest Valentine -A Year of Cupcakes

brownine cupcakes 1

My nine year old daughter Paige asked me recently if she could try baking a different cupcake each month. She’s always enjoyed helping with cooking and baking, but this enterprise is meant to be done on her own, or at least with her in charge and Mom and Dad just offering a helping hand. What could be better than a year of cupcakes.

brownine cupcakes 4

She spent days looking at cupcakes in my recipe books, and finally decided on Brownie Heart Cupcakes from Martha. She was, of course, enticed by the photo in the cookbook, but in hind sight beginning this journey with a Martha Stewart recipe might have been starting in the deep end. Of course I never would have convinced her to try a boring recipe out of the Joy of Cooking, with no shiny picture.

brownine cupcakes 2

It took us most of the day to do all the steps, but the cupcakes did turn out so sweet, and what a lovely way to spend a Saturday at home together. And of course, the great thing about baking is even if they don’t turn out perfectly, you can eat the evidence. 😉

brownine cupcakes 3

Paige was so pleased to finish them, and present them to us as a family Valentine’s treat. Can’t wait to see what she chooses next month…this promises to be a very yummy project. With special gifts like these, made with so much love, life really is a party!

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