Pancake Bean Bags

bean bag pancakes 1

Happy Pancake Day! We’re having a few friends over for pancakes tonight, and I thought it might be fun to make a little pancake flipping game for us to play. I made this simple pancakes with some felt and some left over dry beans.

bean bag pancakes 2

I cut out two matching ovals to make the pancakes -a front and a back, from light brown felt. I made mine big enough to fit in a small, real frying pan for our flipping game, but if you were playing it with really little ones, you might make them a little smaller, so they’d fit in a toy frying pan. Next, I cut out a piece to be the syrup from a yellowish-brown piece of felt, and then a small triangle of butter from some yellow felt. I stitched them together by hand -make to sure to start with stitching the butter to the syrup piece, then the syrup to the top pancake piece, before finally stitching the two pancake pieces together. Just before your done, add a few handfuls of dry beans, and then close the hole. Easy peasy.

bean bag pancakes 1

As soon as they were done, the flipping practise began. The beans give the pancakes a nice weight, and the sound of the beans moving sounds like the perfect sizzle, according to one of my little ones. I’m planning on giving everyone one min. to flip the pancake as many times as they can. The winners get some maple syrup lollipops -cause it really seemed the perfect little prize for this game.

bean bag pancakes 3

I just finished the pancakes a day or two ago, and they’ve already been used for teddy bear breakfasts, and in a little pancake restaurant that just opened in my basement…homemade toys are such a treat, and these really are quick and easy to make too. I hope your days includes some pancakes too! With pancake bean bags, life really is a party!

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  1. That’s a great idea and so cute! Thanks!

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