Summer Gallery Wall

Summer gallery wall 1 2

I might be slightly addicted to gallery walls…remember the Christmas one…or the Valentine’s Day one?  Well here we go again with a Summer Gallery Wall.  I think I love them so much because they are so much fun, and so easy to do.  Really, they are easy.  And the secret?  Removable wall hooks.  Those little removable wall hooks are the trick to no commitment.  You don’t have to fill your walls with holes, although if it’s something heavy, just trust me on this one, it’s worth a nail.

Summer gallery wall 5

I have a few nails in the wall from previous art, and I just make sure the heavy things are on the nails, everything else is a simple and inexpensive removable hook.  Easy Peasy, low commitment, bring on the seasonal changes.

So I decided I wanted something a little summer-y, a little nod to summer adventures and fun.

Summer gallery wall 4

I started out with my deer head.  It’s paper mache, from an art store, and spray painted with a gloss white.  He’s been here in the dinning room before, in the living room and in the basement over the mantel.  He looks great everywhere, and he’s the star of this arrangement.  Makes me think cottage.

Deer head gallery wall

The cottage idea reminded of a few vintage postcards I picked up in cottage country a few years ago, and I thought they looked sweet with a little washi tape.

The little lighthouse is a mini painting picked up at the gift shop of a campsite we visited last summer.  Love it.  It’s so mini sized.  And the arrows, were my first attempt at the embroidery arrow I shared here -makes me think of adventure in the woods.

Summer gallery wall 2

I already had the pretty feather print on veneer, and the great gold metal arrow.  I really just shopped the house for everything.

On the chalk board a favourite quote of my husband and I, from the Hobbit (his fav. book of all time.)  “We’re plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures.  Nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things, they make you late for dinner.”  Let there be a few late dinners this summer!

Eat marquee sign

And, since it’s the dining room, we turned our “TEA” sign –from the tea party, into “EAT” .

Summer gallery wall 3

One more old favourite, a vintage painting of some flowers.  Found at a thriftstore, and looking great here.

On the other side of the buffet, a new little collection.  Mini oil cans, all little gifts, and pretty perfect here.

Vintage oil can collection

I’m loving my little gallery wall, and think I might add to it over the summer as I find more treasures at garage sales and thrifting over the summer (one of my favourite summer adventures).  I love that it’s easy to change, and adds a bit of colour and fun to the dinning room.

Summer gallery wall 6

With a pretty and easy Summer Gallery Wall like this, life really is a party!

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  1. Melanie says:

    I love the “EAT” sign very much!!!! So need that in my kitchen/eating area 😉

  2. I LUV this cute little gallery wall!!! Have to pin it!!!!

  3. Hi Christine,
    Those removable hooks are the trick, happy gallery wall-ing!

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