The White Garden

Spring white garden 1 1

When I was a kid, I thought gardening was stupid, a stupid waste of time.  My mom’s a big gardener and I can remember lots of summer days spent playing while she gardened, or being forced to help by weeding.  We had a big veggie garden, which even then I understood.  But flowers, they seemed like so much work for nothing.  And the chief task is trying to get one thing to stop growing -the weeds, and another to grow -the plants, a losing battle it seems.

Now that I’m a little older…I get it.  It’s worth the effort.  It’s even a pleasure most days to get your hands into the dirt, to see things grow, to enjoy the beauty of something so fleeting.  There are lessons to be learned in the garden.  It’s a place that teaches you patience, hope, plan B, diligence, and even how to take pleasure in simple things.  Gardening has become a joy to me.

Garden path 1

I have quite a few little gardens around my house, especially considering how small my yard is, but my very favourite is my white garden.  You probably shouldn’t have a favourite…it’s like a mother having a favourite child, but there’s something about it.  Every flower in it is white…or at least pretty close to it.  It’s situated between my house, deck, fence and pergola, which forms a bit of courtyard.  It’s shaded in the morning, and sunny in the afternoon.

I have loved hunting for white flowers, it’s such an easy deciding factor at the nursery.  It’s white, I don’t have it, I should get it, lol.  Well, there’s always the price range issue, and at this stage in the game I’m pretty much out of room too.  After about 5 years now, I’ve even started taking out the unruly, or underperforming plants as a way to make room for the new, or more of my old favourites.

White garden 2

I thought it’d be fun this year, to do a little series on the white garden, and follow it through the season.  I hope to post every few weeks and show you what’s in bloom.

White garden 4

Yesterday morning I went out to do a little weeding before taking photos (I wanted her to look her best for you), and before I knew it, it was noon and I was only half done!  How time flies in the garden.

White garden 3

The overview of the garden gives you an idea of each section, it’s divided into four by the intersecting pathways.

White garden 1

What’s blooming right now?

Primroses.  So pretty.  The standard variety, and the drumstick.

White primrose

White drumstick primrose

Snow in summer, a pretty little rock garden plant.

White garden spring 1

The dwarf iris are about to burst forth in bloom, just a couple peeking out now.

White dwarf miniature iris

The bulbs.  We do have some chipmunks and squirrels around so it’s a bit of a challenge -there were lovely white tulips but over the years I think they’ve all become snacks for my friends.

I have a sweet little clump of white narcissus under the French Silk Lilac tree.

White narcissus

White narcissus 2

The white grape hyacinths are blooming too.

White grape hyacinth

One other sweet spring bulb is flowering, the “Spring Snowflake” -I had to look up the name.  It’s pretty bell-shaped flowers are so beautiful.

White spring bulb spring snowflake

The miniature fern-leaf bleeding heart is just starting to flower too.  It’s easy to grow and so pretty, and likes the shade back by the garden gate.

White fern leaf bleeding heart

The larger white bleeding heart is not quite blooming yet, almost.

White bleeding heart

And another spring favourite just about to bloom is the Lilly of the Valley.

Lilly of the valley

Another one that will be covered in blooms in a matter of days, this pretty little spring flowering almond bush.  My mom gave me this one, she started it from a bush that was my grandmas, and it always makes me think of my mom, and her mom when it blooms.

White garden 6

White garden 5

I took most of the white Japanese Anemone out last year, but there’s still a few pieces of it left.  It’s very, very pretty, it just has a tendency to take over.

White japanes anemone

That’s what’s blooming right now, but there is much more to come.  After weeding for the photos, I saw lots more jobs to do -like adding more pea gravel to the path, mulching, putting out the bird bath, and trimming some things back.  I’ll be sure to post another up date soon.

With a pretty white garden like this, life really is a party!

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