Vacation Countdown

Vacation countdown paper chain 1

All over North America children are on the countdown for spring break, that cherished week long vacation from school that comes along every spring.  If you’re lucky enough to be going away for vacation on spring break, then you’re probably counting the days along with your kids.  Here’s a fun, and simple idea to make it even more fun.

Vacation countdown paper chain 4

Cut out pretty scrap book paper and card stock to make a paper chain.  We went with a cruise theme for ours, but you could do Disney World, some other destination, or just a pretty colour scheme you like if you’re staying around home for the break.

Vacation countdown paper chain 3

I used a glue stick to turn the paper into a chain.  Easy Peasy.  Create one chain link for each day between now and your vacation.

Vacation countdown paper chain 2

I taped ours to a chalkboard with some pretty washi tape, and added a number countdown in chalk.  My girls are enjoying removing a chain link, and changing the number each morning….and I hear Grandma and Grandpa are enjoying the one I made for their house too. 😉

Vacation countdown 2

I can’t wait to feel the sun, and the warm sand on my feet!

Vacation countdown 1

It won’t be long now!  With a vacation countdown, life really is a party!


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