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It’s always fun on the verge of a new year to look back at the most popular posts of the year.  It’s fun to remember all the fun projects from the year, and see what readers loved the most.  We did lots of fun projects, diys, recipes and parties this year.  There were also some home tours that were among the top ten, but since they’re so seasonal I didn’t include them in the this list.  You might notice too that there are top posts featured on my side bar, and that they’re different from those listed here.  Those are the most popular posts from Life is a Party over the last week, taken from every post ever published here.  This top ten is just posts published in 2016.


Number 10 -Pasta Bar

Pasta bar 5 1

This was a for my daughter’s birthday party, and so much fun.  It was a huge hit with the guests, and pretty easy to put together.  I highly recommend this idea for a party.


Number 9 -Life Hacks

Life hacks

This little post is full of helpful little life hacks to make things a little easier.  Perfect for a little organizing.


Number 8 -Paint Dipped Brass Candlesticks

Paint dipped brass candlestick holders 1 2

I love this little diy project.  I used old thrifted brass candlesticks and gave them a modern makeover.  I have used these in lots of different vignettes and tablescapes over the year and I’m really glad I made them.


Number 7 -Twig Houses

Twig houses 1 1

I love these sweet little houses.  They’re simple to make and super cute.


Number 6 -Montreal Steak Seasoning

Montreal steak spice recipe 1 1

I’ve noticed that a couple of my top ten’s are recipes for things we’d normally buy but homemade is always better.  This is a simple recipe and perfect for gift giving.


Number 5 -How To Make Giant Paper Flowers


These pretty flowers are a way to make a big impact for a party, with a pretty low cost.  They take awhile to make, but they’re so pretty they’re worth it.


Number 4 -Mason Jar Oil Lamps

Mason jar oil lamps 3

I’m not surprised that these little mason jar oil lamps were popular, because I love them too.  They’re simple to make and so pretty, especially at night.


Number 3 -Honey Cruller Donuts

How to make honey crullers 2 1

These donuts were delicious.  Just like the Montreal Steak Spice, another food item we usually buy, but the home made version is even better.


Number 2 -Backyard Fiesta

Backyard fiesta 8 2

I loved this pretty party.  It’s so bright and cheerful and was so much fun!


Number 1 -Origami Hearts

How to make 3d origami hearts 1 2

These pretty hearts are number one -and this is a video post!  In fact three of my top ten posts included a youtube video.  Lots of bloggers have been talking about how popular video is and how fast it’s growing.  I gave it a try this year, and this best of post is certainly evidence to me that you guys liked it.  I guess my 2017 plan should include more videos -I’ll let my crew (my 9 and 12 year old little girls) know. 😉

My takeaways from seeing which posts of the year were the most popular are, I should include more videos, everyone loves a home made version of a typically store bought food, my readers love seeing fun party ideas, and cute diy projects are always a hit.  Since two home tours were actually among the top ten, and the dining room makeover was number 14, I think the decision to include more home decor posts in 2016 was a good one too, and I will continue to do more of it in 2017.

Thanks so much to my amazing readers.  I had more feedback than ever before this year about projects and recipes you tried.  I LOVE hearing about how Life is a Party has inspired you.  My very favourite comments are when you tell me you’ve given something a try yourself and loved it -so thanks so much for the lovely feedback.

Life is a Party had it’s best year yet, with more collaborations, sponsored post opportunities, and growth than ever.  We wrote 106 new blog posts this year -that’s a lot of blogging!  And, so much fun.  I truly can’t thank you enough for following along on our adventures!

With readers like you, life really is a party!

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