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Happy March!  We’ve had a major snow fall overnight, and although March is finally here, it still doesn’t look like spring outside yet.  I have heard it’s supposed to warm up soon, and in my heart I’m already thinking of spring.  This month for #yearoffeasting challenge, where we challenged ourselves to throw 12 feasts in 12 months in the hopes of connecting more with friends this year, and getting back to our old love of entertaining, I had a few different ideas about what kind of party to have.  Our first month, in January, we had the toast party which was amazing, and last month for February we spent all our efforts on each other making a romantic dinner in for two for Valentine’s Day.  When I pulled out my March calendar and starting thinking I realized that Easter is quite early this year, March 27, so Easter it is!

Last year, after an early service for Good Friday, we had a few friends over for a casual brunch and it was really great.  Everyone has the day off, and usually not much is happening so I highly recommend it as a day for some casual entertaining.  Of course this would also be great on Saturday or Sunday too.  I love a good brunch.  Over the years we’ve come up with some real tried and true make-ahead recipes that are easy to put together and delicious -think Quiche, french toast casserole, hash brown casserole, easy make aheads that everyone loves.

Easter Woodland Brunch Inspiration: ideas for moss, nests, spring flowers, Easter eggs, and easy make ahead brunch dishes.

1.  The sweet bunny pancakes were from our Bunny Brunch last year.  They were easy to make with a squeeze bottle for the batter, and couldn’t get any cuter.

2.  This french toast casserole has become a real family favourite.  You make it the night before, and just bake it in the morning.  It always makes an appearance for us Christmas morning, and perhaps this year Easter morning too.

3.  I saw this amazing moss-like cookies at Semi Sweet. They look like real moss but are made out of coloured graham crackers and completely edible.  How adorable would these be for a woodland Easter brunch.

4.  These little acorns are made of store bought mini cookies, a Heresey’s kiss, and a chocolate chip -perfect for a woodland theme, and super easy to make too.

This year for our Easter Brunch, I’d love to have a real spring woodland feel.  Easter is the kind of occasion where people go to the effort of setting a really pretty table, and thoughts of spring have me thinking about moss, pussy willows, and tulips.  Here’s my inspiration.

Easter Woodland Brunch Inspiration: ideas for moss, nests, spring flowers, Easter eggs, and easy make ahead brunch dishes.

1.  I love this pretty rustic Easter table from Dear Lillie…moss, tulips and mushrooms.

2.  Isn’t this moss tablecloth amazing? Maybe not a whole table cloth of moss for us, but how pretty is this forest table setting?

3.  Love the moss runner and the pretty blooms tucked in…and feel like moss down the centre of the table is a must.

4.  I really like these candles with bits of moss tucked in, and this seems a little more doable for someone who just wanted to incorporate a little moss into their Easter table.

Easter Woodland Brunch Inspiration: ideas for moss, nests, spring flowers, Easter eggs, and easy make ahead brunch dishes.

1.  And since it’s Easter, we’ll have to have some Easter eggs, and eggs in a forest should be in a sweet little nest like this one.

2.  I’m looking forward to some spring flowers, and how cute are these in mason jars with candies?

3.  I picked some pussy willow branches on Monday, before all the snow came.  I’ve brought them into the warm house, and they’re just starting to open into sweet, soft little buds.

4.  I made these little bunny treat bags last week, and I think they might be the perfect addition to the brunch filled with chocolate goodies for young and old.

I’m looking forward to our Easter Woodland Brunch.  I’ve invited some dear old friends who we haven’t seen in ages, and I’ve already started working away at a few pretty woodland decorations.  Our easy make-ahead menu should make it easy to spend our time with our friends and not in the kitchen the whole time. 😉 I can’t wait to share some pictures with you afterward.  I hope you’re playing along with or #yearoffeasting in any way that works for you and your family.  You might not be hosting a get together every month, but if you’re only doing a few this would be a great one to join in on.  Make it work for you, keep it simple, or make it fun; make a favourite family recipe, ask your guests to all bring something, or just pick up fresh bagels and donuts the morning of.  The idea is to be intentional about connecting with friends and family, to invite people into our homes, our lives, our hearts.  To connect and enjoy each other and some great food.  Hope you’re feeling inspired!

With an Easter Woodland Brunch in the works, life really is a party!

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