Light, Bright, and White -One Room Challenge Week Two

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I’m not really the best painter…I was raised by reluctant renovators.  My mom was always a bit afraid of projects, of making things worse than they already were, of wasting materials by doing the job wrong and then having to pay the professionals to come back and do it right.  They did do their own painting…but there is a little fear in me, way down deep, and a bit of my mother’s anxiety.  This really isn’t a great attribute in a blogger.  And in many ways, I don’t think it’s really me.  I’m not really a worrier by nature.  My sweet husband is though.  And I suppose his worries remind me of my mother’s and get me sometimes all worried feeling and reluctant.

Re-doing the dining room for the last One Room Challenge was a real step of bravery for me.  Painting walls and furniture and sewing slip covers and refinishing the table were all firsts for me, and I was a little worried about how it would come together…or not.  But I love, love, love how it turned out, and it’s got me all brave inside and excited to take on the living room and eating area for the spring One Room Challenge.  So here’s my update for Week Two -it was all about painting, painting, and more painting.

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Painting isn’t really that big of a deal…it’s just a lot of work.  And, when you’re painting walls white, it’s all kinds of forgiving.  Your cut-ins don’t have to perfect when you’re working with an existing white ceiling and white trim.  And you know what, the more of this DIY stuff I do, the more I love it, and the more I want to do.

So if you’re a little like me, a little scared, and with a partner who isn’t a natural at cheering you on, let me be your cheerleader.  Want to paint something?  Go for it!

Spring home tour 22

What a big change some paint has made.  Above is a little reminder of what we started with, in the eating area of the kitchen.  I loved the beige in the living room and green in the kitchen when we first had it done.  We had just moved in and wanted to cover the builder’s boring white -haha who would have predicted then 10 years later I’d be so excited about white!  The beige and the green we had weren’t too dark, the house still seemed bright with its high ceilings and lots of windows -but wow does the white ever look brighter.  And I love it!

Jojo whitewash para paint 2

Ever since we tackled the dining room at the front of the house and painted it JoJo WhiteWash by Para in the fall for the last One Room Challenge, I’ve been eager to paint the rest of the ground floor to match.  This week I took on the kitchen and living room, with the same JoJo WhiteWash by Para.  I knew from the other room that it would take 3 coats -since it was white, and I think I knew what to expect better so it didn’t seem quite so bad this time.

I’m so glad it’s done, and I love how it turned out.  It’s like the foundation for all the makeover goodness to come.

Jojo whitewash para paint 3

Well, it’s almost done.  I’m not quite done all the painting just yet, because one wall in the living room is going to be a feature wall.  I’m adding the shiplap that I’ve been dreaming about.  My sweet brother-in-law Shaun of Benjamin Woodworks is going to help me out with it over Easter weekend.  I’m imagining a chaotic but fun day full of chocolate Easter eggs, excited children, the chaos of the living room stuff still being in the dining room while we work on the feature wall, and a turkey dinner for everyone right in the middle of it!

Oh the fun of room makeovers.  I’m so glad already I started, and so pleased with the new bright white walls.  Today I’m sharing some peeks of the eating area in the kitchen with you so you can see what a difference it’s made, and through out the next few weeks you’ll get to see how great the living room is looking already.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram for even more sneak peeks.

If you missed last week, be sure to go check out my Week One post, where I share all my plans for the living room and eating area, as well as the before shots.  And head over to Calling It Home to see all the other guest participants Week Two updates too.

With beautiful white walls, life really is a party!

Para generously supplied the paint for this project.  As always, all opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that make Life is a Party possible. 

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  1. I LOVE the new bright white walls! We are doing the same thing in our bedroom! So exciting to see the changes 🙂

  2. Looking awesome lady! I’m loving your instastories of the progress! Can’t wait to see the fresh new look all come together!

  3. Lindi, thanks so much, what a difference some great paint makes!

  4. Laurie, You’re the sweetest, thanks for following along with me!

  5. Looks awesome – your new colour really brightens up the space!

  6. The walls look great!

  7. Fresh white walls are the best! I’ve never seen of this kind of paint, wondering if it’s a Canadian brand?

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