Fall Milk Glass Display

Fall Milk Glass Display: We displayed our vintage milk glass collection and lots of natural fall elements like pinecones and acorns.
Fall Milk Glass Display: We displayed our vintage milk glass collection and lots of natural fall elements like pinecones and acorns.

Today I’m sharing one of my new favourite little projects, and it was really simple to put together too.  This vintage milk display couldn’t look cuter all dressed up for fall with lots of nature elements.

I best friend Heather has moved into a new house, and I’m having so much fun hearing all her decorating ideas, and offering up my ideas too. She bought this cute little turquoise cabinet and it’s sitting in front of the window in her open concept living and dining room. I’m loving trying out some none traditional colour schemes for fall -like my white fall mantel, and lime green and white front door. For Heather’s house, instead of orange, we did a pretty fall scheme in turquoise, with lots of neutral browns, greys and creams to match her decor. It turned out so great.

fall milk glass display

Collecting Natural Fall Elements

I went for a walk in the woods, and collected lots of natural materials. I love how the acorns turned out. We left most of them natural, but used craft paint to add a little colour to just a few.

painted acorns in milk glass container

Vintage Milk Glass Collection

Everything is displayed in some of Heather’s collection of vintage milk glass. I have to say it’s such a great thing to collect, the pieces are so versatile and you can still find them at second hand stores, for a few dollars a piece.  There are some more unique antique store ones in Heather’s collection too.

Rather than have them stuck in a cupboard, I love this milk glass display on the sideboard.  It’s such a great way to use a vintage collection.  And you could change out the contents for any season, or just leave them empty some of the year too.

how to display your milk glass collection

I also found lots of pinecones, and again we painted a few, and left most of them natural, and then grouped them by kind in more pretty milk glass.

milk glass display for fall

So simple and so, so pretty.

fall milk glass display

I also picked a few white mums and put them in little ruffle vase.

how to use your milk glass collection

I picked up a blue pumpkin -actually a squash, and a little white baby boo pumpkin too. I love how the grey-blue pumpkin looks with the turquoise.

blue pumpkin white pumpkin

And the last container is filled with some birch bark, found on some fallen logs in the forest.

Group Things Together For Impact

We thought about using a tray for the display, but the cabinet itself really acts as the tray and anchors it all. It would also be lovely on a coffee table, or on a tray sitting on an ottoman. I love how it all came together here.

fall milk glass display ideas

With a pretty fall milk glass display like this, life really is a party!

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  1. Loving the turquoise for Fall…definitely unique, especially with the milk glass!
    Can’t seem to get my hands on some fallen acorns {went to High Park in T.O.}…trying to do some crafty things with the kids. May just use your acorn painting idea if I find some.

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