Spice Cupboard Organization

Spice Cupboard Organization: Easy tips to get the spice packages organized and under control so you can find what you need when you need it.
Spice Cupbard Organization: Easy tips to get the spice packages organized and under control so you can find what you need when you need it.

Today I’m taking part in The DIY Mommy’s Organization DIY and Decor Challenge.  Christina asked us to get organized for the New Year.  It was just the challenge I needed to take on my Spice Cupboard Organization.

For ages I’ve been meaning to get this cupboard under control.  It’s full of spices and when we’re cooking or baking and need one, it often meant pulling out all the little packages and searching through everyone until we found what we were looking for.  I often buy spices in the little envelope type packages, because they’re cheaper, but they are hard to store, and hard to find when you’re looking for one specific thing.

Here’s how I tackled the project:

Step One: Edit

The job was to go through everything and get rid of things that were expired.  I also found I had some duplicates, so this will help me not buy too much in the future.  I also got rid of a few things that I’d bought for one occasion and then never used again.

Once I saw all the different spices, I figured out how many storage jars I needed.

Step Two: Buying Storage Baskets and Jars

Buying some spice jars, and labeling the tops should help us be able to find everything quickly and easily in the future.

Spice Cupbard Organization

With everything all sorted into baskets, and no longer falling out of the cupboard, my husband is so happy!  It also great to be able to pull out the basket, bring it all to the stove, use what you need and then slide the whole basket back into the cupboard.

Spice Cupbard Organization

Step Three: Keep On Top Of It

The last step is to commit to not going back to my old ways.  That means maintaining this new system.  Refilling those jars as they become empty, and making sure I check my supplies before I grocery shop so that I don’t buy duplicates.  Hopefully that will keep us from ending up back at an over flowing messy cupboard again!

What area of your house could use a little re-organizing heading into the New Year?

With my spice cupboard organization project all done, life really is a party!

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