Why My Kids ARE Getting Toys For Christmas

Why my kids ARE getting toys for Christmas: to those who in the “no toys for Chrismtas” camp, so other reasons to consider.

Why my kids ARE getting toys for Christmas: to those who in the "no toys for Chrismtas" camp, so other reasons to consider.

No Toys For Christmas Camp

There’s some popular articles that make their rounds on Facebook this time every year.  You know the ones, all about why people are buying their kids no toys for  Christmas, or how they’re even asking friends and relatives to give their kids alternative gifts.  

All those Grinches out there.

I’m all for not spoiling kids -364 days of the year.  I get that they want out of the consumerism rat race, constantly buying more stuff, going into debt at Christmas, and then buying decluttering books in January to help get rid of all the excess.  I get it, really I do.

Toy Days Are Numbered

But…I’ve come to realize something.  My littles are already 8 and 11 and our toy days are numbered, very numbered.  Before I know it our Christmas mornings will be all gift cards and clothes.  I was in the toy aisle the other day with my 8 year old and she didn’t pick out one single thing. 🙁

When they were tiny and long days at home looking after them full time sure had their moments, I remember well meaning old ladies would say things like “enjoy it, it goes so fast”.  I saw their point, but felt a little overwhelmed with the present that seemed to go so slowly.  Days were marked by keeping them fed, rested, changed, bathed, and happy.  And all that was a full time job and it felt anything but fast.

But, they can pretty much feed themselves, dress themselves, and bathe themselves now, and although they still need help of course from time to time, everything has sped up.  And when I look at old home movies of my babies learning to walk, and talk, and play I wonder how those days have passed by so, so fast, and I realize my girls will soon be women.  All too quickly.

And so, if they want a Barbie, or a doll, or a game, or pretty much any toy this Christmas, they’ll be getting it.

Because our toy days are numbered.

Why my kids ARE getting toys for Christmas: to those who in the "no toys for Chrismtas" camp, so other reasons to consider.

We won’t be going into debt, or buying things we already have, or buying things they’ll never use.  But, there will be toys.

Save Your Restraint Lessons For Another Day

And I will save my lessons of restraint, and simplicity, and anti-consumerism, and re-using, and being frugal for the rest of the year.  I’ve come to understand that there are seasons in life.  Seasons of less and fasting, and simplicity, but there are also seasons of celebration, and excess, and feasting.  And both are good and necessary, and have their place.  So in the season of celebrating, I will celebrate, and celebrate well, and be thankful and generous, and happy and full.  And in January, I’ll diet.

Let the toy shopping begin!

Why my kids ARE getting toys for Christmas: to those who in the "no toys for Chrismtas" camp, so other reasons to consider.

With new toys to open on Christmas morning, life really is a party.

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  1. Well said Dannyelle – enjoy giving toys at Christmas to your girls and celebrating with them and your lovely husband. At the end of the day they are who matters. As you say it will soon be vouchers and clothes. Greetings from England and hope you all have a lovely time

  2. Yes! The time when they enjoy toys and are excited about Christmas morning is short. Enjoy it, that’s what I say. Merry Christmas!

  3. You have expressed my exact sentiments so well…I thought it would take forever for them to ‘grow up’ and now it is happening WAY too fast. I agree, we should let children enjoy the experiences of childhood while we are able to, for all too soon they are ‘too cool’ for toys.

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