Crepe Dessert Buffet

Spring dessert crepe buffet 7 1

I love crepes, and I love to serve them at a party.  They’re special, they’re simple to make, they can be done in advance, and there are so many things you can serve them with that they work great as a buffet/bar -and everyone loves the chance to customize their own!

Spring dessert crepe buffet 5

I recently had some friends over and thought it would be fun to set this up as a spring dessert table.  I went with a bit of birds and nests theme, and I love how it turned out.

Spring dessert crepe buffet 3

I found some salvaged letters around the house to spell out the word “crepes” for the buffet.  I like the eclectic mix of all the different styles of letters I found.

Crepe buffet 7

And, since it’s finally spring, a wee nest detail.

Bird nest themed dessert table spring 2

I used lots of pretty and pastel mix-matched china to hold all the crepe topping options -since I wanted lots of choices, the little tea cups were the perfect size.  My favourite crepe recipe is from here, you make it in a blender.  After it’s rested awhile you can cook them and then stack them up and leave them to cool.  Pop the finished crepes into the fridge until your party, and when guests arrive re-heat the whole stack in the microwave.  Super easy.

Bird nest themed dessert table spring 1

Along with the crepes, I wanted to offer a few fruit toppings.  I used some sliced strawberries, some canned peaches, and made a little apple filling by cooking some sliced apples with a little butter, and sugar until they were softened. Yum.

Crepe buffet 6

I also included a bowl of sweetened whip cream.  Crepes need a little sauce so we had chocolate sauce, a little warm custard (I took the easy way here and used some canned custard, shhhh).  I also made up a batch of the The Pioneer Woman’s Easy Caramel Sauce -it lives up to it’s name, and it was a huge hit with my peeps.

Spring dessert crepe buffet 4

Spring dessert crepe buffet 2

At the other end of the table were a few fun toppings, candy eggs, chopped nuts, and chopped M &Ms, for a little added crunch.

Spring dessert crepe buffet 6

Along with all these offerings, I also put out some vanilla and chocolate ice cream.  These crepes were so, so yummy, and since I made the crepes, caramel sauce and apple filling ahead of time, all I had to do was re-heat a few things and serve -that’s my favourite kind of entertain.  It was easy and my friends felt spoiled, which is how I love my guests to feel.  With a  fun and easy Make-Your-Own Crepe Buffet like this one, life really is a party!

Spring dessert crepe buffet 7

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  1. Wow! That looks so cute. What a great idea for a different kind of buffet.

  2. Thanks Janet, your guests will love it, give a try. 😉

  3. Oh that looks like fun! You sure did a lovely job putting that together too!

  4. I love this idea! You did an amazing job of pulling it all together and presenting such yummy options. Mmmmmm!!!

  5. Thanks Sheila, and I love your idea of using it for a Mother’s Day Brunch. Thanks for sharing it.

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