Easy Ice Cream Sundae Charcuterie Dessert Board

Easy Ice Cream Sundae Charcuterie Dessert Board: our ice cream charcuterie board made in the shape of an ice cream cone is perfect for entertaining.

ice cream charcuterie board

What could be a better dessert for entertaining than an ice cream sundae charcuterie dessert board.  Your guests will love all the variety of flavors and delicious combinations.  This ice cream charcuterie board is perfect for sharing with company.


Strictly speaking, this isn’t actually charcuterie.  Charcuterie actually means cured meats, but over the years it’s become so popular, and come to include cheese and crackers and all sorts of additions to that.  And eventually, people started using the word for kinds of foods gathered together on a board.  

ice cream dessert board

Our ice cream sundae charcuterie board doesn’t include any cured meats, so you might want to refer to it as an ice cream board, or desert board.  Basically, we gathered together all our favourite ice cream sundae toppings and sweet treats, and created a beautiful board out of them.  This the perfect way to serve a crowd the easy way, and would be a very welcome addition to your next get together.  It is the easiest dessert for a large group because guests can serve themselves and cater to their own taste buds adding all their favorite things to their sundaes or cones.

Choosing a Board

When making your own dessert charcuterie board, you will want to start with a large board.  We thought it would be so much fun to make our ice cream sundae board in the shape of an ice cream cone, so I used my largest marble board as the base.  I arranged the cones in the shape of the ice cream cone, and then put the rest of the toppings in the shape of the ice cream.  Start arranging with your largest toppings, and work the smaller ones in and around them.    A large wooden board would work great as the base too.  We used a few small bowls and pitchers to hold some of the toppings.  I think it came out really cute.

ice cream dessert board

Ice Cream Cones

We started out by forming the ice cream cone portion at the bottom.  I used a combination of our favourite ice cream cones, including sugar cones, waffle bowls, and chocolate dipped ice cream cones.  Waffle cones would be a great addition too. We also added a few round hazelnut wafer cookies.  

ice cream cones

Baked Goods

Any baked goods workout great on your fun dessert board.  We included some chocolate brownies on ours.  Any cookies or mini cupcakes are a great choice to include.  Chocolate chip cookies would be great to include too.  Not a baker?  Feel free to include store-bought items.

make your own ice cream sundae bar board

Ice Cream Sauces

You can’t have an ice cream sundae without some yummy sauces.  Our favourite is homemade hot fudge sauce -find our full recipe here.  This is the best chocolate sauce ever, and worth the trouble to make from scratch, but if you’re short on time pick some up at the grocery store.

We also made some caramel sauce -find our recipe here.

ice cream sundae board

You could also include some strawberry sauce, or a dark chocolate version of the chocolate sauce.


Nuts are a classic addition to an ice cream sundae.  We added chopped peanuts, walnuts, and sliced almonds to our board.  We also included some toasted coconut chips for all the coconut lovers.

make your own ice cream sundae charcuterie board

Fresh Fruit

Lots of people love fresh fruit with their ice cream.  We included classic bananas with ours.  To help keep the bananas from turning brown, sprinkle them with a little lemon juice.

Strawberries, or any berry would also be great to include.


A great way to add some fun to your gorgeous dessert charcuterie board is to add in some candy.  We started with some chocolate treats for all the chocolate lovers.  We added chocolate-covered pretzels.  They’re a favourite around here -that sweet and salty combination.  We also had to include some mini reese’s peanut butter cups.  Any of your favourite chocolate bars cut up into candy pieces would be great to include.  Chocolate chips would be a great addition too.

ice cream topping ideas

We also added some gummy bears -one of our favorite sweets for a make your own ice cream sundae bar.  Gummy worms would be great too.

And lastly we also included some mini candies that are like mini m&ms.  The different colors are a nice addition to the board.

More Tasty Treats

What’s an ice cream sundae without sprinkles? We included some fun rainbow sprinkles.  Chocolate sprinkles would be great too.

We also added a small bowl of homemade whipped cream.  You could also include a can of whipped topping instead.

ice cream charcuterie board ideas

And lastly we had to add a cherry on top.  We put some maraschino cherries in a small bowl and positioned it at the top of our ice cream cone shape for the perfect finishing touch.

Be sure to add some spoons and tongs and an ice cream scoop, so that guests can help themselves to everything.  And of course you’ll need some bowls for anyone wanting to make a sundae rather than an ice cream cone.

We added our ice cream on the side.  This means we could prep the ice cream charcuterie board ahead of time without worrying about the ice cream melting, and just bring our pints of ice cream out when it was time to serve.  We went with classic vanilla ice cream, and chocolate ice cream.  We liked to keep it classic and let guests add flavors with the toppings, but you could also include different flavors of your favorite ice cream flavors.  For the best way to disguise our ice cream container for serving, we tied a tea towel around it.

ice cream sundae charcuterie dessert board

Yield: 12

Ice Cream Sundae Charcuterie Dessert Board

ice cream dessert board
Prep Time 10 minutes


  • maraschino cherries
  • rainbow sprinkles
  • mini m&ms
  • chopped walnuts
  • chopped peanuts
  • slivered almonds
  • toasted coconut chips
  • chocolate covered pretzels
  • mini peanut butter cups
  • banana slices
  • chocolate brownies
  • whipped cream
  • chocolate sauce
  • caramel sauce
  • sugar cones
  • chocolate dipped ice cream cones
  • waffle bowls
  • hazelnut rolled wafer cookies
  • vanilla ice cream
  • chocolate ice cream


  1. Arrange the cones and waffers in a triangle at the bottom of a large board to resemble the shape of a ice cream cone. Then arrange the rest of the toppings as the top of the ice cream cones shape.
  2. Serve with ice cream and let choose their favorite toppings to create their own ice cream sundaes.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 328Total Fat: 16gSaturated Fat: 6gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 9gCholesterol: 43mgSodium: 296mgCarbohydrates: 41gFiber: 2gSugar: 19gProtein: 6g

This is the perfect dessert for entertaining.  It’s such an easy and fun way to serve dessert, since guests can serve themselves and add all their favorite toppings to their ice cream.  Use this idea for your next ice cream party, or birthday party celebration.  Or it would be great as a movie night candy board, or snack board, or even for Valentine’s Day if you love ice cream.

ice cream dessert board

With an ice cream charcuterie dessert board, life really is a party!

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