Modern Disney Princess Outfits

Modern Disney Princess Outfits: What would a disney character wear today? A modern spin on their classic outfits, perfect Disney park visits.

This post was inspired by a shopping trip months ago, when I spotted some red polka dot little girls skinny jeans, and thought they’d be so cute as a Minnie Mouse-ish outfit for a trip to Disney we’re planning. This lead to a search on pinterest for Disney outfits that revealed great modern Disney princess outfits and inspiration. I tried to find sources that were avaiable in Canada and the US, all prices are in Canadian prices, unless otherwise stated.

Modern Disney Princess Outfits: What would a disney character wear today? A modern spin on their classic outfits, perfect Disney park visits.


Modern Snow White Outfit

This outfit is inspired by the one and only Snow White. I’ve sourced it in girl’s sizes, but the same look would be great on a grown up too.

No. 1 -This red cardigan is from Old Navy, on clearance for $12

No. 2 -The little hair band really makes the outfit I think, but if you couldn’t find one a red bow would work too. This is from Party City and $9

No. 3 -Since it’s going to be warm in Florida (can’t wait for that) I thought a tank top, under a little sweater was perfect for when the weather warms up in the afternoon. This one is from Target, and $7 American.

No. 4 -One of my girls had a pair of gap yellow jeans that we got for back to school from the Factory Outlet, which inspired the whole look for us. Here’s a link to their current pair. This would also be a great look with a pair of shorts in the summer.

No. 5 -This is the Perfect finishing touch, an apple necklace from Forever21, only $3.80 -just don’t try a bite.

And since I couldn’t let Mommy be left out entirely, how about this Modern Ariel outfit. I think it would be absolutely perfect for a casual evening on a Disney Cruise ship.

Modern Little Mermaid Ariel Disney Outfit

Modern Ariel Little Mermaid Disney Princess Outfit

No.1 -This sweet little star fish bracelet is from Foxy Originals -a great little Canadian company. I’ve been wearing their jewellery for years, and I think this bracelet in silver or gold would be a wonderful mermaid touch.

No. 2 -This purple sweater would be a great little cover up for this dress. From Joe Fresh, on sale for just $9.95 If you couldn’t find a purple sweater, a purple pashmina would be lovely instead.

No. 3 -I looked at quite a lot of sea inspired necklaces, but given the story line, I thought this “Hello Sailor” was really a must have for the modern Ariel. Only $7.25 at Claries.

No. 4 -A sweet little summer sandal that would be so pretty with this dress. From Payless for $19.99

No. 5 -This pretty green dress inspired the whole look, and I love the great range of sizes, right up to a XXL and would be really pretty on most body types. It’s from Old Navy, for $32.94

And just one more look, since I feel I’m on a bit of a roll, and have finally-mostly- figured out how to use the program to make the colleges (steep learning curve!) A modern Minnie Mouse look, which would be perfect for a day at Disney World. This is the grown up version, but would be super cute on a little girl too.

Modern Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Outfits

Modern Micky Mouse Disney Outfit

No. 1-Mickey Mouse ear rings. These ones are from the Disney store, for $9.50 US, or pick some up when you get to the park.

No. 2 -I kind of love this Minnie Mouse trucker hat, and thought it added a little edge to this preppy outfit. It’s from Party City, for $9.99 If you couldn’t find this or it’s not your style Minnie Mouse ears, on a headband with the signature red bow would also be adorable. They had these at Party City too.

No. 3 -The retro Mickey shirt, a beloved classic. Available at the Disney Store, pick one up for your hubby and kids too since these come in all sizes for the whole family, even plus.

No. 4 -This pretty polka dot sweater made me think of Minnie. It’s from Joe Fresh for $19 And if you’re creating this look for your little one, there’s a girls version at the gap right now.

No. 5 -The shorts are from Old Navy, again I love there range of sizes, only $20

No. 6 -I thought it would be fun to throw in some yellow shoes, so here’s some flip flops from Old Navy, for $3.50

Will I hope you’re inspired for your next trip to Disney. This is my first attempt at inspiration fashion boards so you’ll have to let me know what you think. Depending on when you’re going to Disney you might not be able to find these exact versions, but something similar would totally work, so I hope you’re inspired. We’re planning a trip in the future so I’ll keep you posted on what looks we wore. With modern Disney outfits, life really is a party!

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