Summer Backyard Picnic

I love the warms days of summer that we’re starting to enjoy, and after a long winter one of the things I love most is getting outside more.  A sure sign of beautiful weather is eating outside again and enjoying Summer Backyard Picnics. After a weekend of gardening, this easy, and yummy dinner was the… Read More »

Pancake Tuesday Party

Pancake Tuesday Party: Free pancake printable decorations, invite, and pancake jokes, and a pancake buffet make the perfect Pancake Tuesday celebration.

Pasta Bar Party

Last week my oldest daughter had a birthday, and we’re planning a party with friends in a couple of weeks.  But we couldn’t let the special day go by without marking the occasion, so we had a special family party and celebrated with a Make Your Own Pasta Bar. We’ve been entertaining a lot lately… Read More »

Valentine’s Day Romantic Night In

This month for our #YearOfFeasting, where we’re hosting 12 feasts in 12 months in an effort to up the fun factor around here, and be a little more intentional about making great connections with great people over great food, we kept things a little more intimate.  Since connecting with each other should always be at… Read More »

Toast Party

Last night we announced the “A Year of Feasting Challenge”, if you missed it read all about it here.  We’re committing to 12 feasts in 12 months in an effort to up the fun factor around here, and be a little more intentional about connecting with our peeps over great food.  I hope you will… Read More »

Summer Dinner Party

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Last week, after being given some pretty flowers left over after an event, I was inspired by their colour combination of peach, pink, and lime green.  I won’t normally think of putting peach and pink together, but seeing it, I thought it was really, really pretty, and a bit different…. Read More »

Nautical Cruise Planning Dinner

I have found over the years, that the more planning I put into a vacation, usually the better it is.  I try not to be totally controlling or anything, or even follow an itinerary too closely, but if I’m going to the effort and expense of traveling I don’t want to miss out on things… Read More »

Back to School Family Dinner

It’s become a bit of tradition around here, to have a special family dinner on the first day of school to celebrate -see last year’s here, and the year before that here.  This year I wanted to set the table with a bit of a vintage vibe.  I started out with the fun table runner…. Read More »

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