Yellow Dessert Table

Yellow Dessert Table: Yellow desserts from cupcakes, cookies, lemon tarts, and yellow candy to create the perfect yellow themed dessert table.
large yellow dessert table with balloons

Yellow Desserts

If you love yellow, then our yellow themed dessert table should inspire you for your next party and give you lots of yellow desserts ideas.

It’s been a very busy week working on our church’s 10th Anniversary Weekend.  What a wonderful time it has been!  Saturday night we had a wonderful celebratory banquet, and I was in charge of the dessert table.  The church’s logo colours are yellow and blue, so we went with yellow as the theme colour of the banquet and the dessert table.  We had over 20 different sweet choices, and everything was so tasty!

Yellow Dessert Table

Yellow DIY Cake Stands

The show stopper was the large wooden cake stands.  I was inspired on-line by a few clever brides who had hand-made their cake plates, in order to achieve a custom look.  Check out our inspiration here and here.  Yellow can be a tricky colour to find, so custom making our cake plates was a great solution.

Yellow desserts on yellow cake plates

Yellow Cupcakes

Featured on the yellow cake plates, were five different varieties of cupcakes, and cake pops.  We had vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, with yellow frosting and topped with our custom cupcake picks.  We also had coconut, with cream cheese frosting, banana with caramel butter cream, and “24 carrot” cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and garnished with real gold flakes!

  • vanilla cupcakes with yellow frosting
  • chocolate cupcakes with yellow frosting
  • coconut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
  • banana cupcakes with caramel butter cream
  • carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
  • yellow cake pops

yellow cupcakes on a yellow cake stand

banana cupcakes on a yellow cake stand carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting and real gold flakes

The cake pops were a favourite.

yellow cake pops with sprinkles


Yellow Cookies

Along with all the cupcakes there were several kinds of cookies.  We were inspired by Made in Brooklyn, who featured some similar cookies on her blog.  We decided to use round rather than square.

round white sugar cookies with a yellow swirl of frosting sugar cookies with white frosting and yellow swirl

There were a few other kinds of cookies; shortbread and rice crispy squares drizzled with yellow chocolate. 

  • sugar cookies
  • shortbread cookies
  • rice crispy squares with yellow chocolate drizzle


Lemon Desserts

Also on the buffet were lemon squares and mini lemon meringue tarts.  People were puckered up for them!

  • lemon squares
  • mini lemon meringue tarts

a square white plate of lemon bars mini lemon meringue tarts on a square white plate

More Yellow Dessert Ideas

Another favourite with everyone was the individual banana parfaits.  We used shot glasses, and the sweetest little spoons, we layered banana pudding, banana, caramel sauce and whip cream, yum!

  • individual banana parfaits

individual banana parfaits or banana puddings

We also had homemade fudge, mini pineapple upside down cakes, butterscotch bars, mini cheesecakes, and butter tarts.  It was an amazing feast, for the eyes, as well as the tummy!

  • fudge
  • mini pineapple upside down cakes
  • bustterschotch bars
  • mini cheesecakes
  • butter tarts

a white cake plate of fudge squares mini pineapple upside down cakes mini cheesecake bites

Yellow Candy

Along with all these home baked goods, we also included some candy.  In keeping with our yellow theme, we had jelly beans, caramels, and rock candy.

  • yellow jelly beans
  • caramel squares
  • yellow rock candy
  • cones of caramel corn

yellow candy buffet

We also included some treat cones, made out of yellow scrap book and wrapping paper, and filled with a mixture of caramel corn and vanilla clop hoppers.

yellow paper cones with caramel corn in them


Yellow Centrepieces and Party Favours

To carry on the yellow theme, I made simple orchid centre pieces for all the tables, they looked beautiful with the candle light.  Another fun detail was small bags of yellow candyfloss which we placed in the souvenir mugs as a party favour.

yellow orchids in simple glass vases with a candle  mini bag of yellow cotton candy blue mug with yellow cotton candy in it

It was a beautiful evening of celebrating with friends that feel like family.  I had an army of bakers to help me pull this one off, special thanks to Heather, Bev, Lucia, Maureen, Miya and Renate.  I am so pleased with the results.  Sometimes life truly is a party!

large yellow desert table

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  1. awwww!!! Thanks for mentioning me! So honored that you were inspired! This party…like all of your parties…looks fantastic!!!

    lucky church…


  2. WOW!! That looks so wonderful Dannyelle! I am inspired by you! Can’t wait to see your Halloween pics. Too bad it will be too late for this years Trunk or Treat at my church. I’m sure I will regret not having your creativity!

  3. I adore those cake stands! I’d like one in yellow, pink and white for spring!

    And my sister served banana pudding – and key-lime pudding – in shot glasses at her wedding. So cute!

  4. Wonderful job! Everything looks perfect! I love the yellow and of course I love the stands. Isn’t it great to get exactly the size, color and shape you want! I appreciate the shout out and I’m excited to see someone else try this! Your church is lucky to have you!

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