the Purple Party -Part II Purple Food

Purple Party 025

We decided that for our purple bridal shower, we wanted to have an all purple dessert table.  I hand made the cupcake flags from white toothpicks, assorted purple ribbons, and purple pearl beads.  I love how they turned out and the cupcakes were delicious!

Purple Party 020

In the background you can see the purple fruit tray my mom made with fresh grapes, blueberries, black cherries, and figs.  She also made a purple dip with black cherry yogurt, and cool whip.  Yum!

Also included were my homemade purple marshmallows.

Purple Party 018


The other item I made was individual blueberry trifles.  They were made in juice glasses, and consisted of a layer of pound cake, custard, a blueberry layer made of blueberries cooked in a little sugar, water, and cornstarch, and a final layer of whipped cream, with a fresh blueberry for garnish.  They tasted as good as they looked!

Purple Party 015


The rest of dessert table consisted of different kinds of purple candies and sweets.  My favourite was probably the purple cotton candy.  We served it in small shot glasses on a purple platter, so pretty and whimsical!  Top Tip:  Don’t put it out ahead of time, cotton candy looses it’s fluff after being exposed to the air and humidity a little while -wait until the last min. 😉

Purple Party 016

I was lucky enough to find cone holders at my local Liquidation World a few days before the party.  I made individual paper cones out of two shades of purple card stock, and filled them up with caramel corn and vanilla clodhoppers.  I think this is great idea when doing a colour themed dessert table, sometimes if the serving pieces are in your colour, like the paper cones, the actual food doesn’t have to be and it will still fit in nicely.

Purple Party 013

The rest of the candy was served in my collection of milk glass candy dishes, and it really helped to tie the whole look together.  As well, the footed bowls were a great size for a small gathering.  The candy we used was grape liquorice, milk chocolate truffles wrapped individually in purple foil, Hersey’s dark chocolate kisses also wrapped in purple foil, chocolate covered blueberries, and candy stick lollipops in purple.  I made the chocolate covered pretzels better fit our purple food theme by melting some purple candy melts and drizzling them with it.

Purple Party 019

Purple Party 025

It was a purple paradise!

Purple Party 012

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  4. I always like food favors. I have done homemade candy in little bags or boxes with ribbon. I also like to make a sugar cookie in a shape that goes with the theme and put it in a clear plastic bag with ribbon. I have also done home-made caramel apples. The homemade marshmallows would be great too, maybe dipped in chocolate. Hope this helps,

  5. What a wonderful color to for a dessert table – it’s lovely!

    Party and Entertaining Inspiration

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    Just to let you know your party has been featured on Bird Crafts! 🙂

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