Teacup Birdbath

Teacup Birdbath or Bird Feeder: how to make a teacup on a pole to use in your garden as a bird bath, or fill it with bird seed and use as a bird feeder.  Perfect to add a little whimsy to your space.
Teacup Birdbath or Bird Feeder:  how to make a teacp on a pole to use in your garden as a bird bath, or fill it with bird seed and use as a bird feeder.

A teacup birdbath or bird feeder is an adorable addition to any garden.  Easy to make from a thrift store tea cup.  And whether you use if as a birdbath or a bird feeder your feathered friends are sure to love it.


  • old tea cup
  • Gorilla Glue -or another strong glue that can resist the weather
  • nut
  • metal threaded rod

How To Make A Teacup Birdbath or Bird Feeder

A little while ago, I tried my hand at making teacup birdbaths.  They looked really cute, but unfortunately the glue didn’t hold.   I used epoxy in the first round, but after some more research attempted it again with Gorilla Glue, and had great success.  

The teacups are from the thrift store, I also used a nut and a metal threaded rod.

how to make a teacup birdbath

The first stem is gluing the tea cup to the saucer, and the metal nut to the back of the saucer.  After applying the glue, it needed to be clamped for 1-2 hours drying time.  I improvised since I don’t have any clamps, with some heavy cookbooks weighing them down.

how to make a teacup bird feeder

After they dried it was time to attach them to the threaded rods.  Just screw the threaded rod onto the nut.

how to attach a pole to a teacup

Then it was time to insert them in the flower bed, fill with water or bird seed and wait for the birds.

teacup birdbath or bird feeder

These teacup birdbaths or bird feeders lasted for years in the garden, so the Gorilla glue is a great choice.  

They’re so cute when they’re done, and so much whimsy to the space.

With teacup birdbaths or bird feeders in the garden, life really is a party!

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  1. Adorable! What whimsy this adds to a garden, I’m doing this. I have a whole bunch of tea cups my mom gave me that I have NO idea what to do with but I didn’t want to just throw them away. I’ll have to get some of this gorilla glue I keep hearing about. Thanks for the idea!

    Here from NFF (or saturday but whateves)

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