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Last week was a week of oozy, gooey homemade marshmallows roasted over the campfire, bug spray and after bite, and lots of lots of giggles, laughs and memories.  We went camping with friends and had a great time, and I wanted to share some of the simple things we planned for the kids to do around the campsite.  With a little planning ahead, you’ll hopefully keep everyone happy and out of trouble for hours. 😉

The majority of our time was spent at the beach, bike riding, hiking, or enjoying the campsites activities, but for those times when you’re hanging around the campsite or cooking meals here are some great, and really simple ideas to keep the kids busy and happy.  Before we left, my friend Heather and I planned out a few things and packed them all up into a big bag to be pulled out when ever we needed them.

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One fun and simple idea was a little scavenger hunt, my friend Heather printed them from here, and attached them to some little paper bags.  The girls had a great time finding their items and checking them off.

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I made a simple watercolour bag with some watercolour paper, paint brushes, and a couple sets of watercolour paints.  Our girls had a great time painting, and were inspired by an artist painting the water and horizon at the nature centre.  When we came back to the campsite, they went down to the lake and tried their own versions.

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Then, they discovered feathers on the shore and started painting with those.

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Then, they decided to paint some rocks.  I loved their creativity!

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Heather also packed some simple small plastic cups from the dollar store, for stacking and building.  She pulled them out one night as we were cooking dinner and the girls played with them for ages.

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We also packed some journals from Stuck On You.  The girls loved their personalized journals, and fun pencils and pencil crayons all personalized for our trip.

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They had fun writing about the trip.

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Another fun treat from Stuck On You were the sweet little personalized key chains.  We put them on the girls backpacks, which they filled with treasures like flashlights, binoculars, and their new journals, and walked around the campground together playing a little game of adventure explorers.

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Another fun activity for around the site was a bag of beads, for make your own necklace or bracelet -this one would have also worked inside the tent if it had rained.

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The other rainy day activities that my friend Heather brought along and my girls LOVED, was a new favourite magazine for everyone, and a few new lego toys to build together.  Luckily, we didn’t get the rain that they were calling for, and the girls enjoyed the activities outside.

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We planned a few fun night time activities too.  We had amazing gourmet s’mores, with homemade marshmallows and graham crackers -see the recipes here.

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But there were a few other little treats too.  I picked up some glow bracelets, and Heather brought jiffy pop popcorn that we made over the campfire.

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The best treat of all though, were their matching personalized pj’s.

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It was so much fun for the girls to have matching woodland themed pj’s, they looked so, so cute.    I love the little deer and bunny on them, perfect for a camping trip, and lots of fun memories for them at home later when they wear them.  They are very well made, from soft cotton, and speaking from experience, they wash very well too….and of course, they’re adorable.

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With best friends, and so many fun activities to do together, life really is a party!

Stuck On You generously supplied the pi’s, journals, pencils, and key chains but all the opinions are my own -I really love their stuff!

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  1. Julia mander says:

    How wonderful and so many memories made. It’s times like those that your kids will remember all their lives. Very special moments indeed

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