Camping Hack: Orange Peel Candles

Orange Peel Candles: the perfect camping activity make a candle out of just 2 items, an orange and some olive oil. 
Orange Peel Candles: the perfect camping activity make a candle out of just 2 items, an orange and some olive oil. 

This fun camping hack is sure to impress.  Make an orange peel candle with only 2 ingredients:  an orange peel and some olive oil.


  • orange
  • knife
  • olive oil
  • a full bbq lighter
  • a good sense of humour and some determination, and a good friend who shares these qualities (optional, but very useful)

Orange peel candle

How To Make An Orange Peel Candle

Step One:

Cut your orange in half and scoop out the flesh, being careful not to damage the white middle stem -this is really important, because the stem will become your candle wick.

how to make a candle out of an orange peel

Step Two:

Pour olive oil into the orange, letting it flow over the white stem.  Try to get the stem as saturated as possible, maybe even let it sit for awhile.

Orange peel candles

Step Three:

Light the stem and enjoy your candle.

But….I found it kind of hard to light at first.  

We tried different oil, but the olive oil seemed to work best.  

I had a good bbq lighter, and just kept it on hoping it would light…it would light and then go out.  So, I kept re-lighting it with my lighter, until my lighter run out of lighter fluid.  

My friend poured a small amount, like a spoonful, of lamp oil from a lantern over the wick and it lit very easily.  So if you have lamp oil it might work great.

My sweet friend drove to the camp store for a new lighter.  The orange had been sitting with the oil at this point for about 20 min.  I tried again and after a min. or two it lit and stayed lit the rest of the night.  Sweet success.  

And, they were super cool looking.  It was totally a fun hanging out around the campfire kind of an activity, just make sure you have a good, full lighter on hand. 😉

how to make Orange peel candles

With a homemade orange peel candle lighting up the night, life really is a party!

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