Winter White Christmas Family Room

Winter white christmas

Welcome to our Winter White Christmas Family Room!  I hope you enjoyed the tour of our main floor all dressed up for Christmas with Rustic Mixed Metals, and today we’re down stairs in our cozy basement family room.

Winter white christmas 2

The main floor Christmas tree is all mine, I change the theme each year, and really enjoy it, but that means that the basement Christmas tree is our family tree.  My daughter calls it “the memory tree” because it’s filled with keepsake ornaments, and one from our vacation each year.  That makes it a little tricky to put together a theme for the basement decor.  I actually started out this year trying to do a fun multi-colour theme….but it just wasn’t working so after a few days of thought I went with a winter white theme, and I LOVE it.  Moral of the story, don’t be afraid to change things up and try new ideas.  I made the tree fit in with the simple addition of some white garland and ribbon and a few white Christmas balls.

Winter white christmas 1

You saw my Sharpie Reindeer Pillow, and here is the other version I made.  I used a simple dollar store stencil and a grey sharpie to transform this inexpensive Ikea pillow cover.  it cost around $5 to make and it will be a fun addition all winter.

Winter white christmas 6

I’m in love with all the white fur right now, and this sweet polar bear pillow fits right in.

Winter white christmas christmas mantel

I used my deer head over the fireplace, and simple greens.  I love the addition of these  huge pine cones this year.

Winter white christmas 10

Winter white christmas 3

On the coffee table, I added a few more simple white details.

Winter white christmas 5

Winter white christmas 4

I used a tutorial from Lucy at Craftberry Bush (one of my fav. blogs) to make the snowballs -so fun, and easy to make.

Winter white christmas 7

I also added a few Christmas treats in some pretty mason jars -these will be enjoyed while watching Christmas movies over the next weeks.

Winter white christmas 9

On the other side of the room a few more snowballs.

Winter white christmas bird cage and birch logs

Diy snowballs 1

It’s so cozy and welcoming down here, and lots of the decor can stay out all winter.  I look forward to lots of family time here over the holidays, and present time on Christmas morning.

Winter white christmas 8

Hope you enjoyed the tour, we’ll continue on Friday with upstairs.  With my own little cozy Winter White retreat this winter, life really is a party!

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