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Christmas Home Tour 2014 -Copper Christmas Decor

Copper Christmas Decor Christmas Home Tour: Tour a house all dressed with beautiful gold, silver, brass and copper Christmas decor.

Copper Christmas Decor Christmas Home Tour: Tour a house all dressed with beautiful gold, silver, brass and copper Christmas decor.

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here today.  I’ve been working away, crafting and creating and can’t wait to show you all our copper Christmas decor and mixed metals for our Christmas Home Tour.

Front Door

Let’s start at the front door, with my mixed metals Christmas front porch -see more of the porch decor here.  I’m loving the combo of silver, gold, and copper, and there’s lots more to see inside.

Copper Christmas Decor Christmas Home Tour

Come on in where it’s warmer.  At the front door, on the console table, I’ve set up a pretty metal tree, and added some ornaments, in fact they’re over flowing!

Copper Christmas Decor in the Dining Room

copper Christmas decor

Along the half wall at the front door, a few pretty candles.

Rustic Mixed Metals Christmas Home Tour

Here is the hot chocolate bar (see more detials arount it and how to make the DIY mugs here, all set up for guests to enjoy when they arrive on a cold day.

hot chocolate bar cart station

hot chocolate station

And this leads into the dining room.

gold silver and copper Christmas decor Home Tour

My theme this year, is mixed metals so you’ll see gold, copper, and silver used over and over to tie everything together.  I’ve also used lots of natural materials like wood, and pinecones to create a rustic feel.  On the dining room table I added gold, copper, and silver leaf to some rustic wood log candle holders.

Gold Silver and Copper Christmas decor

Diy wood log candles with gold leaf

Gallery Wall

Behind the dining room table, is one of my favourite projects of late, a Christmas Gallery Wall.

Christmas gallery wall

I found some great printables on-line, and gathered up lots of other fun pieces to include.  

Christmas gallery wall

table top Christmas trees

I’m in love.  Now onto the living room.

Gold, Silver, and Copper Christmas decor


There’s a little surprise in the stairway.  I thought it’d be fun to do something a little different from the traditional garland on the stair railing this year, and fill this fun little space between the stairs with a Christmas star mobile.

Gold Silver and Copper Christmas decor

DIY Star and ribbon mobile

It’s a long way down.  I used a two gold hoops to create an inner ring and an outer ring.  On the inner ring I attached long ribbons in gold, silver, and copper.  On the outer ring I attached long strands of paper stars.  The stars are made out of old book pages and scrapbook paper in gold, silver and copper patterns, including some vellum.  I used two sizes of star shaped paper punches to create the stars and then sewed them into long strands on my sewing machine and attached them not to the outer ring.  Hanging from the top of the upstairs hallway, all the way down to the main floor they look really magical.

star and ribbon Christmas mobile

Living Room

On to the living room, and our beautiful Christmas tree.  I’m really liking the combo of all the metals.

copper Christmas decor

I used lots of gold, silver, and copper ornaments, and then added ribbon in all those colours too.  Another fun copper element is using magnolia leaves in bunches, since they’re copper coloured on the back.  One detail I really like this year, are the mini chalkboards with inspirational words on them.

copper Christmas decor tree

Copper Christmas Ornaments

I already had lots of gold and silver decorations, but the copper is new.  I DIY’d a few copper ornaments, these ones are clear glass balls filled with some copper wire scrub brushes, that I pulled apart.   So easy, inexpensive, and pretty.

Diy copper christmas decor ornament

I also used the cement stars decorated with gold, silver, and copper leaf that I made here.

Cement star diy copper christmas ornament

In the living room, there’s a cozy spot to curl-up by the fire.

Rustic Mixed Metals Christmas mantel

One of my favourite copper details this year, is the pretty copper kettle and mugs on the ottoman.  Makes me hum, “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens….these are a few of my favourite things”.

copper Christmas decor

This year our living room shelves are filled with some of my mini Christmas tree collection.

Christmas book case styling

Christmas bookcase styling

And on the other side of the room, our cozy couch, piled high with pretty pillows.

gold, silver, and copper Christmas decor


We have a pass through from our living room into the kitchen, and this year I added a branch, and hung a few pretty decorations on it.  Underneath is a collection of candles in different metals.  So simple and so pretty.

gold, silver, and copper Christmas decor

gold, silver, and copper Christmas decor

In the kitchen, I added a little greenery and ribbon to the two end chairs.

copper Christmas decor

copper Christmas decor

The chalk board has a sweet little Christmas message.

Christmas chalk board art

And on the table a simple centre piece, with my Christmas tree in a teapot, that I made here, and some candles.

gold silver and copper Christmas decor

The kitchen got a few Christmas touches too, like a few ornaments on the counter.

Mixed Metals Christmas Home Tour

And on the other counter, my famous Christmas candy, get the recipe here.  When this candy gets made at our house, it’s a sure sign that Christmas is coming!

Christmas Home Tour

And if you have to do dishes…and I’m afraid we do…this is at least a sweet spot.

Christmas kitchen decor

Thanks so much for coming by for my little Christmas House Tour.  I hope you enjoyed my rustic mixed metals, and got inspired to make your place as cozy and welcoming as you can.  On Wednesday, I’ll be sharing our basement family room all decorated in winter whites, and Friday we’re upstairs.  Hope to see you soon.

With a house all decorated for Christmas, life really is a party!

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  1. Looks great Dannyelle. I’m loving the branch as well! Also got my gallery wall up with some Christmas bits. Looking forward to seeing the rest!

  2. Oh Dannyelle everything looks so gorgeous! I’m especially loving the mobile and your branch with the ornaments! I’m in love with mixed metals this year too – they’re so cheery and bright!

  3. Donna, thanks so much. I got it years ago full of cookies from Costco I think? You could add a little blackboard sticker to one though.

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