Kool-Aid Dip Dyed Tassels

These pretty Kool-Aid Dip Dyed Tassels are perfect party decor, or a great little bunting for around the house. Dip Dyeing them in Kool-Aid is the perfect way to add some ombre colour in an inexpensive and non-toxic way. We did ours with Sharkleberry Kool-Aid and it gave us a pretty peachy pink, but by… Read More »

Late Summer Home Tour

It’s the first of August, and officially the beginning of the second half of our Canadian summers.  Our kids go back to school the day after Labour Day, so we have one more full month to enjoy.  I’m already fighting off thoughts of back to school, especially as I see lots of my US friends… Read More »

Cruising: The Perfect, Affordable Family Vacation

Cruising really is the perfect, affordable vacation.  You might think cruising is only for the rich, but I promise it’s not any more.  In fact it’s very comparable to any all inclusive holiday.  If you follow me on social media, you’ll know my family and I just returned from a 12 Night Royal Caribbean Cruise…. Read More »

Pinterest Worthy Life Hacks From Around The House

It’s the about two weeks into January and in the last few days I’ve organized three closets, one cupboard, eight storage baskets, and two bedrooms.  I’ve gotten rid of about six boxes of stuff we don’t need, and passed the stuff on to a better home.  And all this seasonal decluttering and organizing has me… Read More »

Top 10 Family Christmas Movies

I love a good movie, and especially around the holidays.  When it’s a little colder outside, and all warm and cozy inside, I love nothing better than a great holiday movie with my family.  My girls are 8 and 11, and these are some of our top Christmas movies.  Some love one more than others,… Read More »

Why My Kids ARE Getting Toys For Christmas

There’s some popular articles that make their rounds on Facebook this time every year.  You know the ones, all about why people aren’t buying their kids one single toy this Christmas, or how they’re even asking friends and relatives to give their kids alternative gifts. All those Grinches out there. I’m all for not spoiling… Read More »

Felt S’mores Play Food

We had the pleasure of being at the lake last week, and I worked on a few fun posts that I can’t wait to share.  One of the things I made were these sweet felt s’mores for my girls and their friends to play with.  I haven’t made any felt food for a while, and… Read More »

Top Family Movies

Friday night is movie night, along with any rainy days this summer with the girls.  I like a good Disney cartoon as much as the next guy, but they’re not my fav.  I much prefer a movie with real people, and now that my girls are a little older, I try to find a family… Read More »

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