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Women’s Ministry Christmas Party Ideas

Women’s Ministry Christmas Party Ideas: how to throw a large event with Christmas decor, fun activities, and great food for your Women’s Ministry group.

We have a women’s ministry group at our church that get’s together for a fun evening every once in awhile.  Today I’m sharing our recent Christmas event and lots of Women’s Ministry Christmas Party Ideas that might inspire you if you’re planing something similar.

Our theme this year was Christmas Preparations and we used traditional red and green for the decor, with lots of Christmas candy, and candy canes.  It was a really fun one to work with.

The Food

Women's Ministry Christmas Party Ideas: how to throw a large event with Christmas decor, fun activities, and great food for your Women's Ministry group.

The food for the evening was a hot chocolate buffet and donuts!  Lots of fun, and a special treat for the ladies. 

Hot Chocolate Buffet

The hot chocolate buffet was a lot of fun to put together.  I was really pleased to find four different kinds of hot chocolate powder at the bulk barn.  We used regular hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, mint hot chocolate, and candy cane hot chocolate.  I bought some simple glass canisters from the dollar store, and decorated them with candy can striped ribbon and some simple labels.

hot chocolate buffet

We served the hot chocolate in the church’s white mugs, but tied on a little red satin ribbon on the handle to make them a little more festive.

hot chocolate station

There was also several fun add-ons for the hot chocolate.  We had milk, served in an old milk bottle, and also some steamed and frothed warm milk available.  There were also different sprinkles, caramel sauce, and whipped cream for toppings.  I covered the whip cream container in a piece of wrapping paper, to tie it into the decor.  And of course there were marshmallows, large and small, served in beautiful candy cane bowls.

women's ministry Christmas party ideas hot chocolate buffet

Chocolate Spoons

Another fun detail, was the chocolate dipped spoons.  I used plastic spoons and dipped them in three different kinds of chocolate;  white mint chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

They were very easy to make.  I melted the white mint chocolate, added a little Crisco to make the consistency more runny, and coated the spoons.  While the chocolate was still wet, I sprinkled the tips with broken candy cane pieces.  After the chocolate was set, I wrapped the spoons in a piece of clear cellophane and tied with a little red satin ribbon.  These would also make a great little gift at Christmas.

hot chocolate spoons

The milk chocolate and dark chocolate spoons were made in the same way, but I didn’t use any candy cane sprinkles.  I did add a little coarse sugar to some of them, in red and white, and it added a nice sparkle.  I served them in small tin buckets from Michaels.  There were also cinnamon sticks to use as a fragrant stir stick.

women's ministry Christmas party ideas

Bottled Water

In addition to the hot chocolate, we also offered bottled water, and I covered the labels with a little wrapping paper to add a festive touch.

women's ministry Christmas party ideas

Donut Buffet

The food was really simple;  donuts.  Let’s face it we all love them and they really are a treat for most of us.

donut buffet

We had 8 kinds, and lined them up on simple white plates, with a little label identifying the kind.

women's ministry Christmas party ideas

To tie in with the candy trees, which you can learn to make here, we also made a donut tree.  It was made by inserting toothpicks into a stryofoam cone, and sticking a donut on.  We also had some festive Christmas candy, served in some of my milk glass candy bowls.

women's ministry Christmas party ideas

Candy Cane Themed Christmas Tree

The tree looked great all dressed up in candy cane red and white.

women's ministry Christmas event ideas

The Activities

We had a great time together, and in addition to a word of encouragement and great food, we also had some great activities.  We broke our ladies into small groups, and rotated them through 4 different stations;  Cookies in a Jar, Handmade Gift Tags, Parade Decorations, and Sugar Cookie Decorating.

Cookies in a Jar

Christmas cookies in a jar

The first station was making cookies in a jar.  The station was wonderfully organized with all the ingredients lined up in order, with the amounts printed up on large easy to read labels, with the correct measurement.  There were homemade rolled paper funnels to help get the ingredients into the jars neatly.

women's ministry Christmas party ideas

how to make cookies in a jar

Christmas cookies in a jar

After the jars were all layered up, there was a decoration area, with beautifully printed cooking instructions, ribbons, and wrapping paper.  If you’d like the recipe, look here, where they also have the really cute printable label that looks like a giant M and M, with the instructions on the back.

Christmas women's ministry party

What a wonderful gift they will make!

Handmade Gift Tags

The next station was a gift tag making one.  We had all sorts of Christmas paper, paper punches and paper cutters, special scissors, markers, and embellishments.  There was also lots of rubber stamps with Christmas images, and the alphabet, and different colours of inks.

homemade gift tags

making gift tags

The ladies were like kids in a candy store, creating gift tags to go with the two gifts that they were creating that night.

Parade Decorating

The next station was making decorations for the upcoming Christmas parade and our church float.  We used old cardboard boxes, and cut them into Christmas candy shapes.  They were painted and decorated with glitter. We love participating as a church in our local parade, but it takes a lot of work.  This was a great way to get everyone involved in the fun.

christmas women's event Christmas women's event

Sugar Cookie Decorating

The final station was cookie decorating. There was a little lesson on some techniques to begin with.   Then they were invited to use all the colours, and embellishments they needed to decorate several cookies.

sugar cookies

how to run a women's ministry Christmas event

Everyone was given a sheet of wax paper to leave their cookies to dry on, and when they were set, they could be packed into a beautiful little bag for gift giving.

how to run a Christmas women's ministry event

Christmas women's ministry event ideas

Describing these activities, it sounds a little like a birthday party for grown-ups, and that’s about how much fun we all had!  It was a great evening and we all went home with two beautiful handmade Christmas gifts, although I did hear from several friends that their cookies were already gone by the next day. 

I think any of these activities would make a great ladies night for a group of girlfriends, you could pick one of the activities and have everyone bring some of the supplies.  The only thing more fun then creating Christmas goodies, is doing it with friends and turning it into a party!

With all these women’s ministry Christmas party ideas, life really is a party!

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  1. LOVE this idea, I have been trying to come up with a fun creative idea for my Bible study group to do together, this just might be it!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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