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DIY Woodland Mugs

DIY Mugs: Woodland Mugs using carbon paper to transfer an image and a ceramic marker. So much better than sharpie marker mugs the don’t last.

DIY Mugs: Woodland Mugs using carbon paper to transfer an image and a ceramic marker. So much better than sharpie marker mugs the don't last.

These DIY mugs are perfect for the a hot chocolate bar.  Use a ceramic marker and get much better long lasting results than a sharpie.

The Mugs

It snowed here yesterday.  That means time for hot chocolate.  I put together a sweet little hot chocolate bar on the bar cart.  It all started when I saw these oh so pretty mugs in the Christmas Chapters/Indigo catalogue.  Of course I had that moment that DIYer’s often have…I think I could make something like that.

woodland mugs

Chapters has a deer, bear, fox, and owl in their collection, and here’s my version.

Easy DIY Woodland Mugs


  • plain white mugs
  • carbon paper
  • woodland images
  • pencil
  • ceramic marker

How To Make  DIY Woodland Mugs

I started with inexpensive dollar store mugs, and a ceramic marker.  The internet is flooded with sharpie mugs, but from what I’ve read  they’re very hit and miss.  I used the ceramic pen for my “give thanks” plates and they’ve been great, so I went with the ceramic pen again this time.

Since I’m not really an artist, and perhaps you’re not either, here’s my cheater way of doing the sketches.  Find an image on-line that you like.  I did an image search on “simple deer sketch” and then just found one I liked, right clicked to open image in a new tab, then selected print and adjusted my printing size so it would fit on my mug.

using carbon paper to transfer the outline of an image to the mug

Once you have a picture that you’re happy with and it is the right size, break out the good old fashioned carbon copy paper -memories of teachers using these magical sheets to make worksheets in grade one fill my mind.  Use a small piece and tape it, along with your picture on top of the mug.  Make sure you have the carbon paper on the right side so that when you write on it, a line goes through to your mug.  Then, use a pencil to outline your image, which should transfer it to the mug.

Trouble Shooting

I’m not going to lie to you and say this process was simple.  It was a little tricky.  I started out with much more detailed images, similar to the Chapter’s version, but they were too complicated for me.  I also started out just holding the papers onto the mug, but if the papers slip, the carbon copy lines rub off the mugs, since its a slippery ceramic surface.

When I used a simpler image, and taped the papers really carefully, and also removed them carefully so I didn’t rub any off or erase it, it worked.  Patience, patience.

using a ceramic marker on mugs

Once the carbon copy is on the mug, use your ceramic marker to go over it.  Again I made a few mistakes.  The great thing about the markers is that when you’re working with them, you can wash them off with a little hot water and a scrub, and then start over again.  The bad part, you have to start over from the beginning again.  Once you’re happy with the image, my marker said to wait 24 hours, then bake in the oven (all the exact instructions will be on your marker).  Once they come out of the oven, the image is permanent.

baking diy mugs in the oven to set the marker

I really do like how they turned out and the Chapter’s version would have been around $50 for 4, and mine were $1.25 each for the mugs, and around $5 for the marker -so a fraction of the price at around $10.

hot chocolate bar

The Hot Chocolate Bar

I used my mugs in this fun hot chocolate buffet with some different flavours of hot chocolate mix, chocolate spoons, sprinkles, and marshmallows.

how to set up a hot chocolate bar cart

Yum.  My girls tried out the hot chocolate bar cart tonight, and I’m happy to say it got their seal of approval.

Christmas hot chocolate bar

I love how this little cart looks for the holidays, and that the hot chocolate and the woodland mugs will look good all winter long.

hot chocolate buffet ideas

DIY marker mug

With a DIY Woodland Mugs, life really is a party!

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