Entertaining Essentials

Everyday White Dishes: Amazon Basics 16 Piece Dinnerware Set, service for 4, $27.99 Stemless Wine Glasses: Arc International Luminarc White Dinner Napkins: Cotton Craft Napkins, 100% Cotton, 12 pack, 13.99 Marble and Wood Cutting Board:  IMAX Wood and Marble Cheese Board, 19 x 6, $35.27 White Platter:  Portmeirion White Round Platter, 12 inch, $20.99 Cake Plates: Milk Glass Cake… Read More »

Canada Day Party -Summer Year of Feasting

Canada Day is a big one this year -it’s Canada’s 150th Birthday!  And we can’t wait to celebrate! I’m joining with 5 other great Canadian bloggers for our Summer Year of Feasting and this time we’re all celebrating Canada Day.  The Year of Feasting is a whole year of celebrations -Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter…. Read More »

Father’s Day Donut Party

Getting ready for Father’s Day?  Here’s the perfect easy party idea –A Father’s Day Donut Party! What Dad doesn’t love donuts?  Create an amazing donut wall and surprise him with a fun party centred around his favourite treat. The fun centrepiece of this party was our DIY Donut Wall.  You’ll be surprised by how easy… Read More »

Summer Backyard Picnic

I love the warms days of summer that we’re starting to enjoy, and after a long winter one of the things I love most is getting outside more.  A sure sign of beautiful weather is eating outside again and enjoying Summer Backyard Picnics. After a weekend of gardening, this easy, and yummy dinner was the… Read More »

Magical Animal Adoption Agency Party Part II -The Activities

Last time a shared the amazing unicorn and rainbow inspired dessert table from our Magical Animal Adoption Agency Party, and today I can’t wait to share the activities with you. My daughter Maddie turned 10 last month and to celebrate we had a Magical Animal Adoption Agency Party.  If you’ve never read the books before… Read More »

Magical Animal Adoption Party -Part I “The Food”

I’m so excited to share with you my daughter’s Magical Animal Adoption Agency Party.  If you’ve never read the books before you’re in for a treat.  Any little girl would love them! The stories are about a girl named Clover who discovers a Magical Animal Adoption Agency in the woods one day, and volunteers as… Read More »

Dog Birthday Party

This past weekend my little pet doggie Oscar turned one, and we celebrated with a Dog Birthday Party. Let me just say right off the top that I know some people might think this is a little crazy.  And it is.  I know my doggie didn’t actually need a birthday party, in fact he probably… Read More »

Easter Finger Foods Brunch

Breakfast Finger Foods make the perfect Easter Brunch.  Excited kids who just want to eat chocolate can have a little of what they like,  and grown-ups have an excuse to try everything and come back for more of what they love.  Today I’m excited to share this Easter Finger Foods Brunch as the first post… Read More »

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