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Kids Thanksgiving Table

Kids Thanksgiving Table: a leaf mobile, painted pumpkins, velvet pumpkins, and leaf crowns create a special spot for special guests.

Kids Thanksgiving Table: a leaf mobile, painted pumpkins, velvet pumpkins, and leaf crowns create a special spot for special guests.

Holidays are all about getting together with friends and families, if you’re lucky there will be some kids on your guest list this year.  I’ve set a special kids thanksgiving table today; just their size, just for them.

We did our table with a colour scheme of pink, mustard yellow, and plum.  Navy blue would also be a great addition to this colour scheme too.  

Leaf Mobile

We started out with making our branch mobile to hang over the table.  

felt leaf branch mobile

The felt leaves were cut out on the Cricut Maker -you can find our cut pattern here.  We used Cricut felt and it turned out great.  You could, of course, use scissors to cut out felt leaves too.  Or instead of felt, you could make the leaves from scrap book paper.  We also made some pom poms and tassels out of some yarn in coordinating colours.  To create the mobile, we strung different leaves, pom poms, tassels and wood beads on to yarn with a darning needle and then tied the strands onto the branch.  

Branch mobile with felt leaves, pom poms, tassels, and wood beads

We used a hook in the ceiling to hang our branch over the kids table, and it turned out great.  It’s so pretty that it would make great kids decor in a bedroom or nursery.

kids thanksgiving table

Leaf Crowns

We also created some sweet little leaf crowns out of felt leaves.  I started with a basic crown shape in pink felt, and added the leaves.  

felt leaf children's crown

The leaves were pinched together slightly in the middle to give them some dimension.  Because I wasn’t exactly sure how big they needed to be for my guests, I stitched some ribbon on the back so that they were adjustable.  They look so sweet on each chair, just waiting for a little leaf fairy princess to wear them.

pink, mustard yellow, and plum table scape

Painted Pumpkins

There were a few leaves left over from our crafts so we used them on the table around our centrepiece.  

kids fall table

For the centre piece we painted some real baby boo mini white pumpkins with our pink, mustard yellow, and plum colours.  I love how they look.  It would be really fun to get the kids to help make these, and I think they’d love to see their pumpkins used on the table.  


painted pumpkin

Fall Candy

We also added a few sorted candies to the table for nibbling.  We went with chocolate covered peanuts, mini peanut butter cups, and pumpkin spice covered almonds.  

fall candy

Gummy pumpkins, candy corn, fall coloured smarties, m and ms, or jelly beans would also be a great option.  I used some mini mason jars, since they’re nice and strong, and they’d be no worry of breaking them.

Velvet Pumpkins

The pink velvet pumpkins are also a fun addition.

pink velvet pumpkin

They’re so soft and fuzzy.  I think they’d a be a fun addition to the kids play kitchen for fall too.  I used real pumpkins stems on mine, but little sticks would work great too.

over head view of a kids thanksgiving table


Place Settings

At each place setting we used a paper napkin, wooden plates, and cute little bottles.  

glass bottle with a pink paper straw

These bottles are some up-cycled juice bottles that we masked off with masking tape, and painted with gold craft paint to create the dipped look.  And the bottles have some cute pink paper straws in them.  

Kids Thanksgiving Table: a leaf mobile, painted pumpkins, velvet pumpkins, and leaf crowns create a special spot for special guests.


This table will hopefully be a really inviting and special spot for any kids coming to your Thanksgiving celebration.  It’s nice to create a special spot just for them, at just the right size.

kids thanksgiving table mustard yellow, pink, and plum

With this Kids Thanksgiving Table, life really is a party!

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