Mexican Fiesta Dinner Party

Mexican Dinner Party: be transported to Mexico for dinner with this Mexican inspired menu, drink ideas and party decorations.
Mexican Dinner Party: be transported to Mexico for dinner with this Mexican inspired menu, drink ideas and party decorations.

What every cold, snowy winter needs, is a Mexican Dinner Party to brighten things up! We recently joined a supper club -where 4 couples take turns hosting a dinner party. We meet about once a month, and this month our friends Dan and Heather hosted this fun fiesta.

Fiesta Decor

We were greeted by this sweet wreath on the door, that set the tone for a fun filled night! It’s made out of a foam wreath, with cocktail umbrellas stuck into it. So easy, and so colourful! Loved it.

Mexican fiesta party decor

Mexican Drinks 

We were welcomed in with a drink -some fun Mexican beer, and tropical coolers.

Mexican drink ideas


Our hosts also made some lovely fruit salad, and served it in fruit bowls, before and during dinner.

Mexican dinner party

I loved the festive setting they created for the night, with a few fun, colourful decorations.

Mexican dinner party

On the side buffet, there were some bottles of water and straws for guests.

water bottles

They also bought some delicious, fresh chips from a local favourite restaurant and served them in simple paper bags -love the presentation.

Mexican dinner party fiesta

You can also see the amazing layered Mexican salad they made for the night -it was so good!

Mexican Dinner Party Table

I also loved the table setting.

Mexican dinner party table

Heather used a rustic burlap runner, and potted succulents for the perfect starting point. She added some colour with fun napkins and ribbons.

Mexican dinner party table

I loved the individual condiments and fixings at every ones place setting. Heather served salt and pepper in tiny wooden serving pieces, salsa in mini margarita glasses from the party store -could it get any cuter? and cheese, sour cream and guacamole in a side plate. It looked amazing.

Mexican dinner party

Mexican Dinner Party Menu

The menu for the night was really perfect for a fun dinner party, since it was mostly all make-ahead. They started with the fruit salad, then served a Mexican casserole of soft tacos, beef, rice, veggies and cheese, along with corn on the cob, a Mexican salad, chips with all the fixings, a warm caso cheese dip, and corn bread. It was so yummy.

Mexican dinner party ideas

Mexican Dessert

For dessert, our friends served great cupcakes from a local cupcake shop, and all dressed up for the fiesta with some fun piñata inspired cupcake pics.

Mexican dinner party

Heather also made some baked Churo Bites -recipe from here.

Mexican dessert ideas

I really had such a great time. It was the perfect fun, colourful evening to take your mind off of all this snow. If you can’t get away for spring break, perhaps a one night escape like this is the perfect idea -it was an amazing adult night out, but would be a wonderful family night in theme too. With a Mexican Fiesta dinner party with friends, life really is a party!

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  1. As it’s cold and wet in England at the moment this cheered me up no end. Great ideas – looking forward to seeing what everybody comes up with -this should be right up your street Dannyelle.

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