Modern Boho Master Bedroom One Room Challenge Reveal

Modern Bobo Master Bedroom: Black and white, lots of texture, and a mix of modern and traditional help give this room a European Modern Boho feel.

Modern Bobo Master Bedroom: Black and white, lots of texture, and a mix of modern and traditional help give this room a European Modern Boho feel.

I’m so excited to share my Modern Boho Master Bedroom One Room Challenge Reveal with you today.  I’ve been working on this room for six weeks, and I’m so glad it’s finished.  You can check out past weeks here to catch up:

The Before and The Plan / Gentle Purging and Decluttering Clothes /  DIY Concrete Side Tables 

There’s always that point in a makeover when you question yourself and wonder if it’s going to work out how you hoped and if it was worth all the effort.  I’m happy to say at the end that I’m so glad I did it.

I said at the very beginning that I wanted to fall in love with this room again.  I honestly didn’t know if I could.

bedroom makeover before pictures

We had to work around the large four poster bed.  I had made a little deal with my husband when we got married that he could pick the bedroom furniture if I could pick the living room furniture.  He loves traditional furniture and picked out this bedroom set.  I liked it, but never loved it.  Seventeen years later he still loves it, so it had to stay.

My work around was to treat it as a star of the room, to showcase it, and add contrasting modern furniture around it.  I thought of the way Europeans decorate with old heirloom pieces mixed with modern cool pieces.  That was my inspiration.  I was going for a European, Scandinavian, black and white, boho kind of a feel to the room.  And I think I got there in the end with my Modern Boho Bedroom.

4 poster dark wood bed with pillows

Let’s start with the walls. We got rid of the tired beige walls and partnered with Para Paints to paint the room Cloud White WH03 (formerly JoJo Whitewash).  It made the room feel light and bright, and so much bigger, and perfect for my black and white boho master bedroom.

traditional four poster bed

Now onto the bed.  I love the finished look with all the new bedding!  It’s so cozy and pretty.  I partnered with HomeSense for some of the accessories in the room, including the beautiful new bedding.  You really can not beat their quality, selection, and price.  They always have the latest, trendiest looks and the price is always amazing.  I had so much fun shopping for all the new pieces.

traditional four poster bed with modern pillows

I picked up some gorgeous Tommy Hilfiger sheets, and the Nicole Miller 100% linen duvet cover.  A linen duvet cover has been on my wish list for awhile now.  I love the softness, and feel of the linen.  We already had a white duvet cover but the linen is a definite upgrade.  A tip for making a traditional bed look a little more modern is to try monochromatic bedding.

Modern Boho black and white Bed

The bed is layered with lots of yummy pillows.  I used the beautiful linen pillow shams that came with the duvet cover and then layered in these gorgeous grey Euroshams.  The sutle pattern on them, and the grey helps break up all the white.

I also picked up this long bolster pillow at HomeSense.  The texture is great, and the tassel ends help add some of the boho vibe.  I love this Anthro look at a fraction of the price.

Boho pillows black and white

The two front pillows are a real favourite of mine.   They’re both from Bobbie Made, a local maker with a shop on etsy.  They are so beautiful.  They add so much texture to the room and definitely some of that boho charm.  The cream one is woven and full of beautiful detail.  The black one is partly mud cloth.  I love the contrast of the cream and black and all the fringe.  These two pieces are so cool and a real cherry on top to the bedding pillowscape. (Is pillowscape a word?  It should be.) They really create the modern boho master bedroom feel I was going for.

traditional four poster bed with modern concrete side tables

Beside the bed are my amazing concrete side tables.  You can find the tutorial here.  These were the big project in the room, and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.  We partnered with Home Depot to make them, starting with their amazing pre-made metal legs.  We painted them black and made the concrete table tops.  This is a great little DIY project for anyone who is a fan of concrete.  The contrast of the modern tables beside the traditional bed is perfect for my modern boho master bedroom.

boho plant grouping

I really love how they look next to the traditional bed -so much contrasting goodness.

modern concrete bedside tables

It’s always fun to add a little vintage to any room.  I wanted the styling in this room to be a little on the masculine side and I thought a collection of vintage alarm clocks would be the perfect addition to a bedroom.  It was a lot of fun finding them, and I’m sure I’ll add some more along the way.  They really do remind me of being a little girl in my parent’s bedroom.  Every week night before he went to sleep my Dad would set the old alarm clock for work in the morning -not sure what he uses now, probably an iPhone, but these are sure full of charm.

vintage alarm clock collectionOver on the other side, another fun vintage find.  I picked up this old telephone at my favourite antique shop.

black vintage telephone

The greatest unexpected pleasure -the sound of the ring.  Every time I hear it, it makes me smile and remember my childhood.  And my 11 year old thinks dailing is so much fun, lol.

Modern Boho Bedroom plant grouping For more of the boho feel for our modern boho master bedroom, I wanted to add in lots of plants.  You might remember my recent refresh in the master bathroom, right beside this room, where I added lots of new plants.  I’m an aspiring plant lady.  But, I honestly don’t have a great track record with house plants.  The perfect solution for the look without all the work and risk of real plants was to use some amazing faux plants.

faux house plant grouping

I partnered with Afloral for all the beautiful faux plants in the room.  They look and even feel so real.

faux house plant

The detail on them is amazing.

large faux house plant grouping

Grouped together they give an instant jungle feel -in a good way.  The plants are amazing, and so are Alforal’s selection of pots and planters.  I love how the cement ones look next to the side table.  Some of the plants I choose were potted already, and some were branches that I put into a planter with some floral foam and some moss on top.  My biggest tip for ordering would be to use a measuring tape since it’s hard to get the scale right on-line, and try to vary the final heights and leaf textures for a grouping.

boho plant display grouping

If you’ve ever worried about investing in a fiddle leaf fig and feared you might not be able to keep the finicky plant alive, or worried about the mess of watering and leaves on carpet, then these realistic faux ones are the perfect solution.  And the investment in great faux plants soon pays off after buying, killing, and then replacing a few real ones. 😉

grey leather modern wing back chair

I also added in a new chair on this side of the room.  We’d always talked about a leather chair for reading here, but never got around to adding one in.  When I decided to makeover the room I knew I wanted to finally add the perfect chair to the space.  This beautiful chair is from Wayfair.  They have such a great selection it was honestly hard to decide.  I went with this faux leather modern wingback.  I liked the way the leather wingback was a nod to the tradtional furniture in the room, but I loved the way the grey and the really modern design with the exaggerated  wings made it really modern.

modern leather wingback chair grey

The layered pillows on the chair are from Amara, and the velvet one matches another on the bed.  I love the tassels and texture on the front pillow, and feel like it adds more of the boho feel to the room.

Modern Bobo Master Bedroom: Black and white, lots of texture, and a mix of modern and traditional help give this room a European Modern Boho feel.

In the background are the perfect curtains.

black and white stripped curtains

I tried a couple of pairs here and landed on these because they’re airy and light, and add the perfect little bit of pattern with their black strip.  These curtains are from Homesense, where they have such a great selection at such great price points.  It honestly has me thinking about replacing the curtains in a few other rooms now too.

Modern Boho Bedroom: Black and white, woven wall hangings, a modern gallery wall, lots of plants, boho string lights, and tons of textured pillows give this room its European Modern Bohemian vibe.

At the end of the bed, between the door ways to the closet and the on suite there is a little wall that needed some art work.

bedroom art grouping with woven wall hanging

bedroom wall art grouping

The nude is another great piece from Minted.  I love how elegant she is.  And Bobbie Made sent me the most beautiful little woven wall hanging.  The detail is stunning.

woven wall hanging

Over on the other side of the room, is the dresser.

Modern Boho Bedroom: Black and white, woven wall hangings, a modern gallery wall, lots of plants, boho string lights, and tons of textured pillows give this room its European Modern Bohemian vibe.

It had to stay too, but it looks so great with the gallery wall above it now.  I took the large matching mirror off the back of it, and leaned it up against the wall on the other side of the room.  Breaking up the set helps it feel a little less traditional.

modern bedroom gallery wall

I worked with Minted for a lot of the pieces in the gallery wall, you can read all about how I created it and what I selected here.

Modern Boho Bedroom gallery wall art grouping

I also added in one new piece, a beautiful Ferrari print from Auto Artwork Shop. My sweet husband is a huge F1 Ferrari fan.  When we got married he had some expensive prints of red race cars.  For the most part they’ve found a home in his different studies over the years, but when he gave up his study for me to have an office to blog from a few years ago, those red Ferrari pictures never found a new home.  They’re not really my aesthetic, but I found this one and it was perfect to include in the gallery wall.  The black and white photo of a vintage Ferrari car fit perfectly.  And he loves it.

vintage black fan

If you watch me on Instagram Stories you ‘ll know I had trouble deciding on this vintage fan.  At first I thought it was too big, but then I realized that with the scale of the bed the large size was actually a plus.

black vintage fan

It was a splurge, and I’d seen it in a  little antique shop about an hour from home, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  When I finally decided to get it I phoned them and it was still there so my girls and I made a road trip day out of it and had a great time.

Modern Boho Bedroom: Black and white, woven wall hangings, a modern gallery wall, lots of plants, boho string lights, and tons of textured pillows give this room its European Modern Bohemian vibe.

On the dresser there are a few more treasures from Amara including the cute modern alarm clock, the copper glass box, and the pretty hexagon white tray.

Modern Bobo Master Bedroom

I am so very happy about the room and how it all turned out.  But I want to tell you there were a few compromises along the way.  I had hoped to add in a vintage feeling traditional rug in grey and white with a little black.  I just couldn’t manage to find one I loved, in my price range, that shipped to Canada.  It would have added some more pattern, texture and layers to the room.  But I also know that rugs over carpet can be a pain -getting wrinkled and tripped over.  So I left it out for now.  If I do find the perfect one I may add it in later.

The other big disappointment was that at the last minute I couldn’t replace the light.  I found the perfect one and was so excited when it arrived.  But unfortunately it was wired for the UK and won’t work here in North America.  There wasn’t time to find another one so we left the chandelier up.  It’s a beautiful light and goes perfectly with the bed, but I do think a really modern one would have really helped with that modern / traditional contrast I was going for.  So I’ll be on the hunt for the perfect light over the next little while.

Modern Boho Bedroom: Black and white, woven wall hangings, a modern gallery wall, lots of plants, boho string lights, and tons of textured pillows give this room its European Modern Bohemian vibe.

I share these two compromises with you only to help us all remember that making over a whole room in six weeks is challenging, and doesn’t always come together exactly how we imagined.  This isn’t some quick tv makeover show, it’s real life where we run into problems sometimes, and out of budget sometimes.  Real life decorating tends to take time.  And while I really love the challenge of getting a room all done is six short weeks, sometimes that means a few compromises.  And I’m ok with that.  Just keeping it real.

Modern Boho Bedroom: Black and white, woven wall hangings, a modern gallery wall, lots of plants, boho string lights, and tons of textured pillows give this room its European Modern Bohemian vibe.

I really do love the room again.  And….it has me thinking about and energized to take on some more room updates.  At the end of the day I’m always amazed what some paint and new accessories can do for a space.  So I hope you’re encouraged to tackle a makeover you’ve been thinking about for a while too.

Modern Boho Bedroom makeover

I really could not have brought this room together without some amazing sponsors. A special thanks to

Home Depot, Wayfair, HomeSense, Afloral, Amara, Para, Minted, Bobbie Made, Benjamin Wood Works, and Auto Artwork Shop.  All opinions are my own, as always.  Thanks for supporting the brands that make Life is a Party possible.

Modern Boho Bedroom: Black and white, woven wall hangings, a modern gallery wall, lots of plants, boho string lights, and tons of textured pillows give this room its European Modern Bohemian vibe.
I’m joining over 200 Guest Participants in the One Room Challenge so be sure to check out all their room reveals here.

With a new Modern Boho Master Bedroom, life really is a party!


  1. Your bed looks so comfortable! Love the bedding and textiles on that bed. The greenery in this room is gorgeous! I love plants in bedrooms too. Have fun watering them. Haha. Congrats on a job well done!

  2. The transformation is stunning, Dannyelle! Love the mix of new with old. The mod green plants add so much to the black/white contrast. My faves are of course the Baby Ben clocks & that fan-architectural, vintage goodness<3

  3. All of your plants are amazing. It is so serene and calming! I also just LOVE all those throw pillows. So much texture and goodness without having to add much color. Just my kind of style. Congrats on a beautiful room!

  4. Tee, thanks so much. Aren’t those faux plants awesome, and they watering pretty easy. πŸ˜‰

  5. Lora, thank you so much. Every room needs some vintage goodness, doesn’t it. πŸ˜‰

  6. I love all the personal touches, the clocks, the framed pictures and the phone! I haven’t seen one of those in a million years. All the pillows on the bed look so comfy. Congrats on a job well done.

  7. You did a lovely job Dannyelle! I feel ya about having some disappointments – that happens to me in every single room I makeover! But I think you’re mix of traditional and modern is lovely! You’ve done a beautiful job πŸ™‚

  8. Lindi, thanks so much. As I get older I guess I realize its par for the course. πŸ˜‰

  9. Dannyelle your bedroom is wonderful!! All of your details are perfect, from the bedding to the pillows to the curtains to the faux plants (I am love faux plants)to those amazing concrete side tables. Congratulations on a beautiful makeover!!

  10. I was going to comment on my jealousy over your green thumb – but those plants had me fooled πŸ™‚

    Your bed looks so cozy and comfortable and I love the nude from Minted – so cheeky πŸ˜‰

  11. I love it! I love how you mixed the concrete tables with the traditional furniture. It all works really well together!

  12. Ah brilliant friend, the gallery wall over the dresser made me go, omGoodness!!!! That is so smart, it totally made it different than the bed and not so matchy, I love that! I love all of the vintage touches too, excellent job and such great lessons you shared about refreshing a space, those TV shows are a little misleading, to say the least!

  13. I think your chandelier adds to your boho glam look. You could always get a mod floor lamp to put next to your cool wingback to add some more modern punch and mix – love the bed and “pillowscape”!

  14. Your bedroom looks amazing! It’s so bright and fresh now. I love all the pillows. Great job!

  15. Michelle, thank you so much. Great faux plants right, no green thumb required. πŸ˜‰

  16. Laurie, thanks so much for your sweet comments. You’re always so encouraging, appreciate it so much.

  17. Tash, thanks so much. I am so glad to have it done, and actually enjoy it now. πŸ˜‰

  18. Hi Liz, thanks for the suggestion. I think it has to stay as is, but I’m used to it. πŸ˜‰

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