St Patrick’s Day Art

St Patrick’s Day Art: use an inexpensive dollar store canvas to create this DIY St Patrick’s Day Art that says “I Feel Lucky”.
St Patrick's Day Art: use an inexpensive dollar store canvas to create this DIY St Patrick's Day Art that says "I Feel Lucky".

I thought it would be fun to do a little decorating for St Patrick’s Day, it’s still so snowy and cold here that thoughts of spring and a little green are more than welcome! I made this fun “I feel lucky” St Patrick’s Day Art piece in an afternoon with just a few supplies.

St Patrick's Day art supplies


  • dollar store blank canvas
  • green craft paint
  • alphabet stencil
  • black sharpie marker
  • gold leaf adhesive
  • imitation gold leaf

How To Make It:

I started with an unpainted canvas from the dollar store, and some green craft paint. I gave the canvas two coats, and let it dry completely.

Then I used an alphabet stencil, and wrote the words “I” and “FEEL” with a black sharpie.

For the word “LUCKY” I outlined the word in pencil.

Then I used some special glue for gold leaf -that I had left over from this silver leafing project. I used a small paint brush to carefully paint inside the letters.

adding gold leaf glue to an art piece

Next I let the glue set 15 min., according to the package directions, and then laid a sheet of imitation gold leaf on top, and burnished it down to the glue.

adding gold leaf to an art piece

I used a paper towel to rub off the excess, and reveal the gold leaf lettering.

It turned out so great, and it was so inexpensive to put together.

DIY St. Patrick's Day Art


I like how it’s not over the top St Patrick’s Day, just enough to make you smile. 😉

St. Patrick's Day decorations



With a little St Patrick’s Day art work, life really is a party! Hope you’re feeling lucky today too.

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