The Twelve Days of Christmas Love Notes

12 Days of Christmas Love Notes: write your partner a love note for them to read each day as a Christmas countdown.
12 Days of Christmas Love Notes: write your partner a love note for them to read each day as a Christmas countdown.

Create a display of Christmas Ornaments that hold 12 Days of Christmas love notes, as the perfect countdown to Christmas for your partner.  

This year my husband only asked for one present. I love giving presents. I did find more than one thing to buy for him, but nothing too major this year, so I thought it might be fun to add something else this year, something special.

12 Days Of Christmas

I pondered different versions of the twelve days of Christmas. Strictly speaking, the twelve days start with Christmas day and follow on from there, not before. But I’m taking a little creative license and beginning on the 14th, with one each day until Christmas day. One what you’re wondering? I thought about a naughty little count down, then contemplated gifts that followed the required numbers -one of something the first day, two of something the next, and so on up until 12 -both just seemed like too much.

12 Days of Christmas Love Notes

Then I decided on twelve days of love letters. And the letters consist of thanking my sweet husband for twelve gifts he’s given me over the years. They’re things like the gift of love, steadfastness, and fun, to name a few. Each little note identifies one of the gifts, and the ways in which he’s given it to me over the years. They’re just tiny little notes, jotted down and rolled up into little scrolls, and held with a little gold washi tape.

12 Days of Christmas Love Notes

12 Ornaments

I decided to put the notes in little glass ornaments, and hang them over our bed. Each night he can read one.

12 Days of Christmas Love Notes

I decorated each ornament in gold, with different fillers in the balls.

12 Days of Christmas Love Notes

Some were filled with sequins, others with gold bells, others with gold glitter, and some with a little gold paint.

12 Days of Christmas Love Notes

Each ornament has a little tag with the day, from one to twelve.

12 Days of Christmas Love Notes

I hope he loves it. With a sweet husband like mine, life really is a party.

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  1. This sounds so special, I decided to do it slightly differently. My dinning room is decorated in “12 Days of Christmas”, so I’m writing the notes, attaching them to a gold bell with a number on the garland draped across my sliding glass door. Each day my husband can take one down at dinner time, read the note, (each will have a special activity for the evening such as: back rub, watch a movie, ect.) This is the first year in 28 yrs that it will just be the two of us for the holidays.

  2. Lucinda, That sounds so lovely. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you and your husband have a wonderful 12 days of Christmas together.

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