Vintage Inspired Homemade Christmas Crackers

Vintage Inspired Christmas Crackers: Simple tutorial for making your own DIY Christmas crackers out of inexpensive vintage Little Golden books -so adorable!
Vintage Inspired Christmas Crackers: Simple tutorial for making your own DIY Christmas crackers out of inexpensive vintage Little Golden books -so adorable!

It’s that time of year when we’re all running out of steam. Christmas is almost here, and most of us are ready to start celebrating, instead of finishing last minute projects. When I decided to do a vintage inspired Christmas theme this year, I came up with the idea of using old Christmas Little Golden Books to make some DIY Christmas crackers for the table this year. Today I put them together and I really love how they turned out. Luckily they are pretty simple to make -so even if you’re getting tired like me, this one is pretty doable. 😉


  • Little Golden Christmas Books
  • Christmas cracker snaps
  • toilet paper rolls
  • paper hats
  • jokes
  • chocolates
  • confetti
  • ribbon or yarn

You need a few supplies, the most important being some Christmas Little Golden Books. I have to admit I did feel a little guilty tearing the pages out of the books to make these. Must be the teacher in me. 😉 But, since I found them for .99 at a second hand store, they were probably even cheaper than buying pretty scrapbook paper. If you were really opposed to ruining a book, you could colour photo copy them, which would also work for someone who couldn’t find them second hand. You could also use colour copies of any favourite holiday book, or even a library book.

Vintage little golden Christmas books

Along with the books, you’ll also need the cracker part of the Christmas cracker. I’ve seen them at Michaels, I had some a friend gave me. Then, get saving your TP rolls.

DIY Christmas Cracker materials

Crackers usually have a fun paper hat, a joke and a treat in them. I made some simple hats out of tissue paper (let’s hope my head size is average). I found some great jokes here, and printed them. The treats were a little trickier for me. I always love the weird stuff you get in store bought ones, but I have to admit, when was the last time I used a mini screw driver, magnifying glass, or tape measure? So what’s as good as a mini gadget? Booze and chocolate.

Christmas Cracker fillers

I know you want to come to my house for Christmas dinner. 😉 I picked up some boozy chocolate, cause what would be better to start off a Christmas dinner with your whole fam damily than a shot and some chocolate? For the kiddos I used some mini chocolate bars. I also threw in a bit of sparkle…cause I love a little glitz, and I’ll have to vacuum after anyway.

how to make your own Christmas crackers

How To Make DIY Christmas Crackers:

To make the cracker, just tear out a piece of the book, wrap it around your TP roll and glue it. Tape in your cracker, mine were a little long, or my book pages were a little short, so I just trimmed them at the ends. Tie one end. I used pom pom yarn and trim and tinsel to add more of the vintage vibe. Then, load in your treats, and tie up the other end. Simple.

how to make DIY Christmas crackers

Almost too pretty to use. Can’t wait to set my Christmas dinner table. Hope your last minute projects are getting done too.

homemade Christmas crackers

With pretty Vintage Inspired Christmas Crackers, life really is a party.

vintage inspired Christmas crackers

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  1. i have heard of Christmas Crackers, i think your project is a great one. the only problem is how are the opened? i was told that when you pull on each end they pop as they are pulled. making a loud noise like a fire cracker use on 4 th of july. is this the way it is done? if so what causes the popping sound?

  2. Hi Charlene, You’ve got it right. You need to buy the special pop pulls at a craft store, and tape them on the inside when you make them. To open, join with the person beside you and pull. Enjoy!

  3. i guess i sent my thank you message to the wrong section of this site. again you have surprised me i have never seen a site to let them know what you think. i think you should have a big hug but since i can’t send hugs i send you a BIG THANK YOU!

  4. The book Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer you display above — you got it for .99 at a second-hand store!!! I remember getting my tonsils out when I was 7 and my mom bought it NEW for .25!!! That was 1958 . . .

  5. I love the idea of your crackers but I am going to change a little. Instead of the old book pages I am going to use Christmas Wrapping paper. Second I am not going to use the popper. We have 4 dogs and I am afraid to have those around them.

    Thanks for the idea

  6. Really Neat and Positive idea. My first time here but I Love making fun things like these. Give friends and family a little unexpected fun. Thanks for sharing these and I also Love how the book make Great gift wrap. Gonna go check out the recipe department next. Have a Super Day!!

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