Christmas Ornament Party -Part I “The Decorations”

ornament party 1

I had a little Christmas party on the weekend….I know you’re thinking it’s a little early. I’m not even going to try and deny it. But, I heard someone say years ago that November should be for getting ready for Christmas and December for celebrating it. I like that. So this was a getting ready for Christmas kind of a party. I got together with some girl friends for some great food, conversation and Christmas ornament making. And…I might have a birthday coming up really soon, so it just might have been for that in my own mind too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was a really lovely evening and I’m excited to share all the pretty details with you.

ornament party 3

I wanted to start out by showing all the pretty party decor. I worked all week on getting my Christmas decorations up on the main floor. I decided to go with a vintage theme this year, and found the perfect party decor from Minted. I used their Elegant Joy Party Decor collection. I really liked the pink, blue and grey colour scheme, and how great it looked with all my own Christmas decor -vintage this year with lots of silver and sparkle thrown in. I used the beautiful “Merry Christmas” banner over the couch in the living room, and loved how it looked with my star lights. I really liked that the set included enough items to add a little bit of the party decor to all the areas of the house that we were using. The stage was set as guests arrived and saw this sweet “Cheer Ahead” sign on the door.

ornament party 2

I set-up the dining room for our crafting activity -more details on that later, and with a pretty dessert buffet.

ornament party 7

On the dining room table, in the midst of all our craft supplies for the evening, were the sweetest little paper Christmas trees.

ornament party 12

I loved the pretty paper fans, paper confetti for the table, and fun circle bunting.

ornament party 6

I dressed up the buffet area with a few fun touches. I wrote out the lyrics of “Have a Holly, Jolly, Christmas” on the chalkboard. My favourite easy addition for this Christmas was printing a few vintage Christmas card prints I found for free on-line and putting them in these simple white frames.

ornament party 10

ornament party 11

In the kitchen were more sweet signs labelling all the drinks. I set up a fun wooden sleigh on the table, and surrounded it with a hot chocolate buffet, punch, wine and water.

ornament party 5

The Elegant Joy Party Collection included so many great detail pieces, like these stickers that I used to label the water bottles.

ornament party 9

I also used some of Minted’s stripy straws, their easy to add sticker flags, and lovely co-coordinated paper drink tags that aren’t only beautiful but really helpful so you don’t mix up your wine -or “crafting juice” as one friend called it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

ornament party 8

Such fun party details. I can’t wait to share with you all the drinks, and food and the fun ornament making we did together -over the next week! With a fun girls night to get ready for the holidays together, life really is a party!

ornament party 4

Minted generously supplied the party decor, but all the opinions are my own. I really love their stuff, and you will too!

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  1. FANTASTIC, so cheery and so Christmas-y!

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