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I had the pleasure of celebrating one of my favourite little people turning 5 recently, and wanted to share her amazing How To Train Your Dragon Party with you.  She’s a big fan of dragons -any and all kinds of dragons, so she loved the Movies “How To Train Your Dragon”, and her Mom, Heather, planned this amazing party to go with the theme.  The theme was set as soon as we arrived with this fun wreath, decorated with dragon scale ribbon, moss, and a fun little toy dragon making a nest on top of the “A” for Allie (and the wreath is now decorating her bedroom door.)

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Heather decorated with lots of ferns, including one at the front door with a fav. dragon toy tucked inside to greet us.

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At the front door we received our official “book of dragons”, a little blank notebook for us to take notes in.  It was wrapped up with some leather and a “dragon tooth” -found at a local bead store.  After we unwrapped our books, everyone used their dragon’s tooth as a necklace.

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Inside we also got our fun little viking party hats -loved them!

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I also loved all the little dragon details around the house, like some dragon eggs tucked into a nest, and one little hatchling.

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Our first activity was to design our viking shields.

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The base of the shield was a simple cardboard cake board -clever!  We decorated them with different colours and sizes of paper plates, stick on gems, and washi tape.  Everyone also got a Toothless cutout for the front.

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The handles were made out of duct tape on the back.

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Once the Viking Shields were made, everyone received a foam sword, and we were ready to start actually training the dragons in the backyard.

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The activities were spread around the backyard for the kids to visit as they wanted to.

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One was a dragon feeding game.  Heather used a bean bag toss, and decorated with some dragon cutouts from the movie, and the kids could throw the fish bean bags in to feed them.

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There was also a game to catch the dragons with a small net.  The dragon toys were hidden in the rocks, and there was a small net to use for catching.

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The favourite activity might have been the flying practice.  Heather found a flying Toothless toy, and set up a ring of fire -hoola-hoop with streamers, for the kids to fly the dragon through.

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There were also some little ones at the party, so Heather set-up a great sensory play table for them -which also was a hit for the big kids.

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Heather converted her old farm water table, using moss, sand, rocks, shredded paper, blue glass pebbles, and some dragon toys.

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There were lots of fun little dragon toys tucked around the backyard, and one of the final games was for everyone to find their own to bring home with them.

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There was also a piñata, and one of my fav. little treats was the Dragon Training Survival Kit.

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The kit contained a cookie shield, chocolate rocks, a liquorice lasso, a lollipop war hammer, and gummy eels.

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All the fun details were amazing, and the kids all had so, so much fun.  Tomorrow I’ll share all the fun food ideas.

With everything you need to train your own dragon, life really is a party!

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  1. What a fabulous party. I love the creativity, simplicity with huge FUN impact!
    This is something I would love to try and replicate, can’t wait to see the party food.

  2. I am currently planning a “How to TrainYyour Dragon” party for my 7 year old daughter and I really love your dragon training journals! I amwondering if you would be willing to share how you made them.
    I bet your daughter loved her party. It looks amazing!

  3. Hi Lori,
    It was actually my friends party for her little girl, so I’ll ask her about the journal and get back to you. Hope your party is coming together for you.

  4. hi I am planning a dragon party and would love your favor bag labels if you would be willing to share. Your party was great!

  5. Hi Kris,
    It actually wasn’t my party, it was a friends. I’m working on getting the printables, I’ll see what I can do and get back to you.

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing these great photo’s of your friends party! I also love the journal ideas and would love to do that for my son’s 6th bday party on Halloween. I have also been searching for the dragon’s tooth bead and can’t find anything like it anywhere. Would you please ask your friend where she got them? That, and any details you can share about the journal would be appreciated! Thanks so much,

  7. Hi Kim, The journals were picked up at Target, and she made the picture for the front with some clip art and “Viking” Font lettering. The “dragon’s tooth” is a bead from a local bead store.
    Best of luck with your party!

  8. Doing a party for my 7yo girl- thank you for the ideas. Was wondering if you had a chance to get (or get link to) printables…love the treat bags!

  9. Hi Laruan, This was my friends party, and she didn’t keep the printable files. She made them with clipart and Viking font lettering, so you may be able to create something similar yourself.
    Best of luck,

  10. Hello
    Do you know where she got the dragons that flew through the hula hoop?

  11. Hi Daiena, sorry I don’t know exactly where she got them, a toy store I think.
    Best of luck,

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