Magical Animal Adoption Agency Party

Magical Animal Adoption Agency Birthday Party: create your own agency with stuffed animals and activities for the perfect birthday party.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency Birthday Party: create your own agency with stuffed animals and activities for the perfect birthday party.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency Book

My daughter Maddie turned 10 last month and to celebrate we had a Magical Animal Adoption Agency Party.  If you’ve never read the books before you’ll love the story of how a little girl named Clover discovers the Magical Animal Adoption Agency in the woods one day and spends the summer volunteering there.  The Agency is filled with magical animals like unicorns, magical kittens, invisible puppies, and fairy horses.

magical animal adoption agency

For the party we thought it would be fun to recreate the Magical Animal Adoption Agency so that Maddie and her friends could adopt their own magical animals.

Party Invitations

We made sure to invite the girls in plenty of time and let them know that if they had a chance to read the book before coming it would make the party even more fun.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency Birthday Party invitations

Welcome To Our Magical Animal Adoption Agency

As guests arrived we had a few little details from the book, like a garden gnome by the door who guards the agency at night.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency Birthday Party

Inside guest made their way past the amazing Unicorn and Rainbow dessert table in the dinning room and into the living room where we had our agency all set up.

rainbow unicorn dessert table

Mr. Jam’s Desk

We added some details from the book to the living room for the party, like Mr. Jam’s desk, and the wishing book.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency mr. jam's desk

In book one, Mr. Jams who runs the agency is called away on business and leaves Clover a note asking her to look after the agency while he’s gone, so we made a version of the note from the book and left it on his desk, along with some tea and cinnamon toast, which he’s always eating.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency

The Wishing Book

We also made a version of The Wishing Book, where people can come and leave their name and a request for a certain animal if it’s not at the agency. The next time the agency gets that particular magical animal, they’ll call anyone who’s requested it first.

the wishing book

And over the fireplace, more rainbows and unicorn sayings.

unicorn mantel

The Animals

We turned a shelf in the living room into our pets cages where our friends could see them all and read about their magical qualities.  The Magical Animal Adoption Agency website is amazing and has some great descriptions of the animals that we printed out and added to their cages.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency

For the party, everyone got to choose their own magical animal stuffie and then do different activities with them at different stations.  The stuffies doubled as the party activity and take home favour.

Based on the books, here’s what we came up with for our magical animals.

Fire Salamanders

We had some fire salamanders -in the book these little guys are fire-hot, heat loving salamanders. I found some at the dollar store and decorated their cage with some faux greens and rocks.

fire salamanders


There was also had Esmeralda the toad.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency

Fairy Horses

Next was one of my favourites, the fairy horses -these are fairy sized horses.  We used play mobile horses for ours.

fairy horses

Magical Animal Adoption Agency fairy horses


Next was the jeweled tortoise.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency

Magical Kittens

On the next row we had the magical kittens.  Each had a different magical power -the first one could shoot lightning.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency

The second magical kitten could throw frost and freeze things.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency

The third magical kitten could do acrobatics.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency kitten

Unknown Egg

We also had the unknown egg, the subject of the second book in the series.  No one knows exactly what it contains, but it’s to be bedded with soft feathers.

unknown egg


Next came the dragons.  There cages were quite stark because of the obvious dangers of fire.  A bucket of water was near by.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency dragons

Invisible Unknown Creature

Lastly there was an invisible unknown creature.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency

I picked up all the stuffies at different toy stores.

Adopting Their Own Magical Animal

The party guests and the birthday girl all choose an animal to adopt.  Everyone got a chance to fill out their adoption certificate for their new pet -you can find one here.

magical animal adoption agency certificate

I set up various stations for the girls to visit with their pets around the kitchen and living room.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency Birthday Party

Food Station

In the book, there is mention of all the special and different foods that the various animals eat, so I had fun making a centre piece of them in the kitchen.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency

The oats and the sugar beet biscuits are for the unicorns -we didn’t see any of those at our party, since they’re kept out in the stables.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency Birthday Party: create your own agency with stiffed animals and activities for the perfect birthday party.

The fairy horses like the oats and apples too, they’re served in thimbles for them.

jar of full moon beams

The sugar cubes are for the fairy horses too, and the full moon beams are for polishing the unicorn horns.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency

The squashed flies (rolled up pieces of black tissue paper) are for the toad of course.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency

And the chilis are for the fire salamanders.  The star dust and moon dust are also for polishing unicorn horns.

Design A Pet Box and Name Your New Pet

After the girls had their adoption certificates filled out it was time to take their pets to each station.  The first one was to design a pet box.

animal adoption party

We had some cardboard carry boxes that everyone could decorate with stickers and washi tape, and their new pets name.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency Birthday Party ideas

This was a great first activity because the girls could use them as they visited all the other stations and put their goodies inside.

Make Your Pet a Collar

After the boxes were made the girls took their new pets to the make a collar station.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency Birthday Party

We had some pretty beads and cord and little cardboard tags where the girls could write their new pets names for their collars.

jars of wood beads

Washing Room and Grooming Station

The next station was the washing room and grooming station.  We picked up little nail brushes for them to brush their pets.  And just like in the book, there were toothbrushes to groom the little fairy horses.

toy grooming station

Everyone also got a rubber duckie and wash cloth and a little toy for their new pet to play with.

Vet Station

toy vet station

Next was the Vet Station, where the girls could give their pets a check up before taking them home.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency Birthday Party

Everyone also got a container of Magical Animal Vitamins (gourmet jellybeans) just like some of the animals in the book needed each day.  For anything more serious there was the phone number for Dr. Nettie Nurtch, the magical veterinarian.

kids potion station

Make Your Own Pet Food

The final station was a spot to make your animals food.  We set this one up outside near the sandbox, and put out some fun “ingredients”.

make your own potion

Everyone used a flower pot to make their own concoction.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency Birthday Party

I think there were more magic potions made than anything else.glitter

The glitter was a huge hit -of course.

The girls played outside and had a few fun adventures with their magical pets until it was dinner time.  We had easy takeout pizza and veggies and dip.

Skyping Author Kallie George

And then after dinner, the best activity ever -we got to Skype with Kallie George the Magical Animal Adoption Agency Books author!

Kallie George

Talking with Kallie was certainly the highlight of the party and such a special, special treat for Maddie.  Kallie is the sweetest and we all loved hearing all about how she’d been writing since she was a little girl and what inspired the series.  It was especially exciting and inspirational since she’s a fellow Canadian.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency Dessert Table

rainbow dessert table

rainbow paper flowers

We had so much fun creating a dessert table in a world of magical unicorns and rainbows!  Every little girls dream.  We started out with the beautiful rainbow flower backdrop.

rainbow dessert table backdrop

Paper Flower Backdrop

We’ve made paper flowers a few times, you can see exactly how to make them here at our Paper Flower Making Video.  For this party we wanted a rainbow theme, so we made our flowers in a pastel rainbow colours.  A lot of the flowers we already had from other parties, and to make them fit this theme we added colour with paint.

To hang our backdrop, we hot glued the flowers to some large pieces of sketching paper that comes on a roll.  I reinforced a few spots by hot gluing heavy cardboard to the back.  I then used a darning needle to stitch a few pieces of string through the cardboard to hang the paper from.  It worked really well.

We created a pastel rainbow of flowers and hung a beautiful unicorn head in the middle.

rainbow paper flowers

Since the Magical Animal Adoption Agency books take place in the woods, we wanted a forest feel to the room, so we used two small trees on either side of the dessert table.  The trees are real trees that I cut and placed in cement in a galvanized bucket so they wouldn’t tip over.  These are actually two of the ones I made for our Christmas dining room forest, and saved for Maddie’s party.   For this party I used fairy lights and some pretty butterfly garland in the trees.  I covered the cement base with some moss.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency dessert table

Forrest Tablescape

To carry on the forest feel, we decorated the table with a moss runner, some fun mushrooms made from air dry clay and more fairy lights.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency Party

We were trying to create the magical woods feeling.

forest table

forest spring table

On the dessert table we made a few special treats for the day.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency dessert table

Light As Air Cupcakes

In the second Magical Animal Adoption Agency book in the series -The Enchanted Egg, there is a beautiful impromtu picnic where everyone has light as air cupcakes.  The cupcakes are so light that they sometimes float away.

light as air cupcakes

So we had a few cupcakes floating up and one in a tree branch.  These cupcakes were delicious.  They were made with a vanilla cake mix, but for something special some have raspberry jam in the middle, and some have nutella in the middle.  Yum.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency Party

Mr. Jam’s Jam Cookies

Another treat inspired by the book where Mr. Jam’s Jam Cookies.  Mr. Jam’s runs the Magical Animal Adoption Agency.  And in the books he’s always eating jam sandwiches, so we thought some jam sandwich cookies were the perfect addition.  You can find our recipe for Jam Cookies here.

jam jam cookies

Unicorn Bark

We also made some Unicorn Bark.

unicorn chocolate bark

The Unicorn Bark was really easy to make and all the girls loved it!  We started out with some white chocolate melted and spread on some parchment paper on a cookie sheet.  Next we added different blobs of pink, turquoise, and purple melted chocolate.  Then we ran a toothpick through it while it was still melted to create the beautiful marble effect.  Then we added some special sprinkles,  and edible glitter.  I especially love the little stars.  When the chocolate was hardened we broke it into pieces.  I love how pretty it is!

unicorn chocolate bark

Rainbow Jello

Since the whole party was inspired by the idea of rainbows and unicorns, we wanted to include some rainbow food.  We made rainbow jello.

rainbow jello

Since we wanted pastel rainbows we tried a recipe where you mix some of the jello while it’s still liquid with cool whip to create the pastel layers.  We topped the jello with more cool whip and star sprinkles.

rainbow dessert table

It was time consuming, but easy, and looked fantastic.

caramel corn

More Treats

I also made some of my homemade caramel corn -get the recipe here.  It’s such a yummy treat.

easy unicorn cake

easy unicorn cake

We picked up the birthday girls favourite almond cake at Ikea, and made it fit our theme with some rainbow ribbons and playmobile unicorns on top.

unicorn farts cotton candy

Unicorn Farts

Lastly we made some unicorn farts.  Maddie made some cute labels and we added them to some cotton candy.  It certainly made the little girls giggle.

unicorn birthday cake

Magical Animal Adoption Agency Party

When our little guests arrived I heard a few wow’s and saw the look of delight on the birthday girl’s face and it was worth all the effort.

Magical Animal Adoption Agency Party

Because really, what’s better than a Rainbow Unicorn Dessert Table for your birthday?

With a Magical Animal Adoption Agency Birthday Party, life really is a party!
With a Magical Animal Adoption Agency in your living room, life really, really is a party!

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  1. You are the best mom ever!
    Wow!! What an awesome party. So creative and original. Perfect for that age-group. What a treat to get to speak with the author too.

  2. This party looks absolutely amazing!!! I can’t get over how creative you are – but I should know better, knowing Maddie!!!

  3. I’m totally doing this for Lucy! She just couldn’t decide what she wanted for a party this year…until I showed her this post!

  4. I have been a party planner for years and I normally do not comment, because most parties are quite cookie cutter, but man, you blew this out of the park! It is adorable, original, sweet and fun! I absolutely love this! I am inspired! Fantastic idea and amazing execution. <3

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